ARK Fjordur: All Artifact Locations

Here are the exact locations of all 12 artifacts in ARK: Fjordur DLC.

Here are the exact locations of all 12 artifacts in ARK: Fjordur DLC.

There are 12 artifacts in ARK: Fjordur DLC. Just like Runestones, artifacts can be used to summon special bosses. These artifacts can be found the deepest depths of certain caves. Our guide will provide you with all artifact locations in ARK: Fjordur.

All Artifact Locations in ARK: Fjordur

Artifact of the Devourer Location

  • Cave Entrance: 03.50 – 03.70
  • Artifact Coordinates: 08.70 – 13.60

The first artifact can be found in the northwestern mountains of the Vannaland continent.

Note that the cave is positioned underwater, so you will need an aquatic mount to be able to get to the artifact.

Artifact of the Brute Location

  • Cave Entrance: 49.40 – 14.20
  • Artifact Coordinates: 47.60 – 08.10

The second artifact can be found inside a cave at the island in the western part of the map.

The entrance can be found on the seashore. You will also need to wear a Gas Mask inside, if you want to survive.

Artifact of the Massive Location

  • Cave Entrance: 71.70 – 01.10
  • Artifact Coordinates: 75.00 – 10.50

The next artifact is hidden in the southwestern part of the Vardiland island at the Skarstind mountains.

This is yet another underwater cave, so look out for the entrance beyond the cliffs in the water.

Artifact of the Strong Location

  • Cave Entrance: 08.80 – 24.50
  • Artifact Coordinates: 06.00 – 23.80

Then, players need to explore the northern Snaerheimr Mountains for a few artifacts, one of which is the Artifact of the Strong.

Note that you can enter the cave only with the help of the flying mount, such as Fjordhawk or similar, as the cave is located up in the mountains.

Artifact of the Skylord Location

  • Cave Entrance: 08.80 – 24.50
  • Artifact Coordinates: 07.20 – 27.90

The other artifact can be found in the icy cave, which can be reached on foot or by air, which is quicker.

This cave is extremely spacious, so it is recommended to use grappling hooks in order to move effectively inside the cave.

Artifact of the Hunter Location

  • Cave Entrance: 03.20 – 32.60
  • Artifact Coordinates: 07.30 – 32.90

This is the easiest of the three Snaerheimr artifacts, as the cave is located in an accessible location.

The process of finding the artifact is also quite straightforward, and doesn’t require any special means.

Artifact of the Pack Location

  • Cave Entrance: 21.20 – 57.40
  • Artifact Coordinates: 15.40 – 60.80

Now you need to move to the center of the Vannaland continent, and enter the cave that contains two artifacts.

Note that this cave is very hot, so you need to prepare some cooling items to be able to sustain normal temperature inside, such as White Crystals.

Artifact of the Clever Location

  • Cave Entrance: 21.20 – 57.40
  • Artifact Coordinates: 18.10 – 65.60

In the same cave as before, you need to turn left from the entrance in order to grab the second artifact.

Beware as this area is teeming with spiders, spider webs, and scorpions. You can easily tame them using Spoiled Meat.

Artifact of the Shadows Location

  • Cave Entrance: 10.00 – 84.40
  • Artifact Coordinates: 18.80 – 83.80

This artifact can be found in the Runheimr forest in the northeast of Vannaland continent.

The entrance into the cave is located above the waterfall, so you’ll have to use a flying mount to get there.

Artifact of the Stalker Location

  • Cave Entrance: 56.90 – 84.90
  • Artifact Coordinates: 49.30 – 81.90

The Stalker artifact can be found in the central area of the Broken Meadows region in Vannaland.

The cave is wide enough to allow a small mount, such as a Raptor. Also bring a Bola weapon, as the cave is infested with Ravagers.

Artifact of the Cunning Location

  • Cave Entrance: 77.00 – 65.50
  • Artifact Coordinates: 72.70 – 70.80

Another underwater artifact can be found in the cave at the channel that separates Vannaland from the Balheimr island.

Only the first half of the cave is flooded, and the rest is dry but infested with Megalosaurus, so bring a strong mount along.

Artifact of the Immune Location

  • Cave Entrance: 91.00 – 78.00
  • Artifact Coordinates: 88.80 – 86.20

The final artifact is hidden inside the lava cave of the southern Balheimr island. The entrance into the cave can be seen right under the lavafall.

This cave is extremely hot, so bring  some White Crystals with you!

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