ARK: Genesis Guide — Mission Loot Table Breakdown

Here are the locations of all possible loot items in all basic missions for the ARK: Genesis expansion.

Here are the locations of all possible loot items in all basic missions for the ARK: Genesis expansion.

There are five new biomes in ARK: Genesis. Each of them has a number of missions, which you can complete for special rewards. Each mission offers a number of items, the quality of which depends on your chosen level of difficulty. This guide will provide you with a complete mission loot table list for all five biomes in ARK: Genesis.

Whenever you complete a mission you will be rewarded with one of the listed items randomly. You can repeat missions over again if you’re looking for a specific item. The loot table below will help you find the right mission for the items you’re looking for.

Arctic Biome Loot Table

Built Fjord Tough Fabricated Sniper
Hazmat Gloves
Parasaur Saddle
Ruffle Some Feathers Astrocetus Tek Saddle
Tek Sensor
Tek Claws
Mining Drill
Mosa Plat
Rocket Launcher
Mammoths on Parade Desert Cloth Helm
Hazmat Helm
Metal Sickle
Hyde and Seek Fur Chest
Metal Shield
Heavy Miner’s Helmet
Deer-ly Departed Kapro Saddle
Megalosaurus Saddle
Megatherium Saddle
Searching the Fro-zone Plesiosaur Saddle
Procoptodon Saddle
Scuba Goggles
Mound Over Matter Riot Boots
Riot Shield
Trike Saddle
Home is Where the Pouch Is Tek Railgun
Flak Legs
Titanosaur Saddle
The Rhino 500 Tek Sword
Sarco Saddle
Bronto Platform Saddle
Araneo Saddle
Saber Slalom Ghillie Boots
Simple Pistol
Desert Cloth Boots
Ice Fishin’ Harpoon Gun
Bronto Saddle


Bog Biome Loot Table

Bog Beatdown Tek Helm
Flak Chest
Paracer Plat Saddle
Assault Rifle
Spy Vs Spino Fur Legs
Giga Saddle
Hide Legs
Swamp Placid Ghillie Legs
Hyaenodon Meatpack
Iguanodon Saddle
Cheaper by the Pack Flak Helm
Metal Pick
Web Search Cloth Pants
Ghillie Mask
Just A Hop, Skip, and a Jump Away Frog Saddle
Compound Bow
Another Bog Hunt Quetz Saddle
Pteranodon Saddle
Along Came Pollen Electric Rod
Phiomia Saddle
Plessie Plat Saddle
King of the Swing Cloth Boots
Bog Rally Fabricated Pistol
Ghillie Chest
Bog Fishin’ Harpoon Gun


Lunar Biome Loot Table

TEKnological Terrors Pachy Saddle
Paracer Saddle
Riot Legs
King of the Moon Gallimimus Saddle
Gas Mask
Hide Hat
A Captain’s Conquest Cloth Hat
Flak Gloves
It’s a Bug Hunt Equus Saddle
Fur Gauntlets
Hunting by Moonlight Tek Rifle
Fur Helm
Hazmat Pants
Desert Cloth Pants
Don’t Fear the Reaper King Tek Boots
Megalania Saddle
Double Barrel Shotgun
Hide Chest
This Little Light of Mine Tek Chest
Megachelon Saddle
Frog Saddle
Compound Bow
To Boldly Go Chitin Leggings
Quetz Platform Saddle
Tokyo Skifft Charge Lantern
Roll Rat Saddle
Ravager Saddle
Space Jam Any random item


Ocean Biome Loot Table

One Tough Moeder Tek Claws
Magma Saddle
Whale Saddle
Mining Drill
Tek Sensor
Hazmat Suits
Ravager Saddle
Desert Cloth
Loch’d and Loaded Longneck Rifle
Daeodon Saddle
Diplodocus Saddle
Stone Axe
Who Hid the Squid? Cloth Hat
Cloth Shirt
Flak Gloves
The Mosa Proposal Dire Bear Saddle
Ghillie Gloves
Hazmat Shirt
Tek Gloves
Doedicurus Saddle
Chasing the White Whale Dunkle Saddle
Hide Gloves
Ichthy Saddle
Wooden Club
The Teeth Underneath Hazmat Gloves
Scuba Flippers
Echo of a Classic Fishing Rod
Megaloceros Saddle
Rip it, Roll it, and Punch it! Riot Gloves
Stego Saddle
Tapejara Saddle
Wave Ray 64 Hazmat Helm
Kapro Saddle
Megatherium Saddle
Bottle-nosed Blitz Chitin Boots
Chitin Helmet
Sabertooth Saddle
Hide and Sink Rex Saddle
Raptor Saddle
Rhino Saddle


Volcano Biome Loot Table

Magma Medley Melee Chitin Chest
Desert Cloth Chest
Pachyrhino Saddle
Tek Pants
We Will Rock You Basilisk Saddle
Flak Boots
Karkinos Saddle
Allo and Goodbye Beaver Saddle
Chalico Saddle
Desert Cloth Gloves
Carno Saddle
Hunt in the Heat Arthro Saddle
Baryonyx Saddle
Basilo Saddle
Fur Boots
Kingslayer Gacha Saddle
Hide Boots
Stone Pick
Thorny Dragon Saddle
The Summit Tour Chitin Gloves
Metal Hatchet
Spino Saddle
One Hell of a Treasure Hunt Manta Saddle
Megalodon Saddle
Riot Chest
The Egg-straction Hide Chest
Megalania Saddle
Double Barrel Shotgun
Tek Boots
Dead Heat Scuba Flippers
Night Vision Goggles
Mosasaur Saddle
Gotta Go Fast Heavy Miner’s Helmet
Metal Shield
Fur Chest
Out of the Frying Pan… Heavy Miner Helmet
Scuba Leggings
Pump Action Shotgun


That is all for the mission loot table breakdown in the Genesis expansion, and for more ARK: Survival Evolved guides, check out the list below:

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