Follow our guide on how to beat the final boss in ARK: Genesis, the Corrupted Master Controller.

ARK: Genesis — How to Beat the Final Boss

Follow our guide on how to beat the final boss in ARK: Genesis, the Corrupted Master Controller.
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The rewards for beating the final boss in ARK: Genesis are totally worth your time and effort, but getting there may be just as hard as beating the boss himself.

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This guide will give you a complete walkthrough on how to get to and beat the notorious Corrupted Master Controller.

There are three different levels of this boss fight: Gamma, Beta, and Alpha. Each level has three stages that precede the actual boss fight, and the final stage that will put you face to face with the most dreaded enemy in all of ARK.

Step 1: Enter the System Root

Before you can reach the Corrupted Master Controller, you need to interact with your HLNA pet for it to offer three Final Tests:

  • Gamma: 58 missions
  • Beta: 116 missions
  • Alpha: 168 missions

This means that you need to complete the required number of normal ARK: Genesis missions for each of the boss fight levels. Once you’ve completed 58 missions, you can enter the Gamma level of the System Root, and by beating the boss you will get the Gamma rewards.

The same rule applies for Beta and Alpha levels. Each level offers different rewards, but all three boss fights follow the same scenario. If you want to get all the possible rewards, then you need to beat all three levels.

Step 2: Deposit Code-Keys

Once you’ve entered one of the arenas, you need to remove the three pieces of the Corrupted Master Controller’s mask before actually fighting him.

In order to do this you need to kill the Corrupted Avatars and Corrupted Dinosaurs that will be attacking you.

Each dead avatar will drop a code-key. Pick it up and bring the code-keys to the Codebreaker terminal in the center of the arena for deposition.

Once you’ve deposited 80 code-keys, one piece of the Corrupted Master’s mask will fall away. Repeat this two more times before all three pieces fall off. All together you will need to deposit 240 code-keys.

You will be given 15 minutes for each piece of the mask and the number of avatars attacking you will be unlimited.

Step 3: Fight the Corrupted Master Controller

When all three pieces of the mask fall away, Corrupted Master Controller will descend to the floor.

At first, he will be immune to damage, so you will need to collect and deposit another 40 code-keys in the same manner as before for him to lose immunity.

When that’s done, you can start dealing damage to his face. At the same time you need to be aware of his laser shots and Corrupted mobs attacking you from all sides.

Once you’ve depleted half of his health pool, he will become immune to normal damage. The only way you can kill him is to use Tek weapons, such as Tek rifles or Tek grenades.

When Corrupted Master Controller’s health pool is depleted, he will drop the following rewards according to different levels:

  • Gamma:
    • Tek Replicator
    • Tek Dedicated Storage
    • Tek Claws
    • Unassembled TEK Hover Skiff
  • Beta:
    • Tek Replicator
    • Tek Leggings
    • Tek Shoulder Cannon
    • Astrocetus Tek Saddle
  • Alpha:
    • Tek Replicator
    • Tek Chestpiece
    • Tek Cruise Missile

That is all on how to beat the final boss in the Genesis expansion, and for more ARK: Survival Evolved guides, check out the list below:

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