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Ark Survival Ascended: All Console Mods For Xbox and PlayStation

Here are all of the Ark Survival Ascended mods coming to console, bringing custom content to PlayStation and Xbox.

The partnership between developer Studio Wildcard and Overwolf brings PC mods to consoles. ASA will allow players to download custom maps, creatures, items, game modes, and other mods on both PlayStation and Xbox. Here are all the mods available on console in Ark Survival Ascended.

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All ASA Mods Available on Xbox and PlayStation

In conjunction with Overwolf, Wildcard has recently revealed the first set of mods that will be available on consoles on launch. The current number of cross-platform mods comes in at 120. These are available on Xbox and PC now, while PlayStation mods are coming in December with the game’s release on Sony’s console. I’m excited to see more down the line, but for now, let’s take a look at the current highlights.

Svartalfheim by Nekatus

Nekatus is bringing in his Nordic dwarven-themed no-flying map to PlayStation and Xbox. This is a massive area full of new goodies to find and mysteries to explore. From pure Gold and Mithril to future updates with Dwarven Warriors and custom dino variants, there’s plenty to dive into here. In fact, there are around 33 square kilometers to traverse.

S-Dinos by Nekatus

Tied to Svartalfheim, Nekatus will also be bringing his Alpha dinosaur variants. Pulsating with blue special effects, these variants come with more and better loot.

Upgrade Station by Ghazlawl

Ghazlawl’s upgrade station makes upgrading highly streamlined. The station will allow you to upgrade armor, tools, saddles, and weapons from primitive to ascendant and even salvage them. I found it neat that the station works with items from other modders, as well as with TEK armor. In fact, the Upgrade Station is highly compatible and stackable with other mods.

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Additions Ascended by Garuga123

Garuga123’s various Additions Ascended packets will bring new creatures from PCs to consoles. All seven of them will be ported over. These include:

  • Deinosuchus: An alligator-like creature based in marshes, waterways, and swamps.
  • Deinotherium: A massive war elephant that you can deploy structures on.
  • Ceratosaurus: A fast-hitting and venomous predator that heals itself and allied Carnivores in combat.
  • Helicoprion: Large Ratfish creatures found in the ocean depths.
  • Archelon: An aquatic turtle tank mount whose shells produce a unique type of Algae.
  • Xiphactinus: Bloodthirsty Diretuna creatures found in Oceans.
  • Brachiosaurus: The titans of ASA found in Jungles and Grasslands.

You’ll be able to download all of these creatures or pick them one by one based on your preference.

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Useful Miscellaneous Tools

There are tons of neat little mods being ported over, and these are some of my favorites:

  • Automated Ark by Blitzfire911: Trivializes mundane tasks in ASA.
  • SuperSpyglass by Kavan87: Reveals detailed information about targeted creatures.
  • Utilities Plus by Blitzfire911: Adds various tools like grappling hooks, bolas, parachutes, and more.
  • TG Stacking Mod by TECIFY.gg: Bigger inventory.

Every Ark Survival Ascended Mod on Console Listed

While you can check out the full list of currently approved mods right here, I’ve listed the rest below:

  • Additions Ascended: Archelon
  • Additions Ascended: Brachiosaurus
  • Additions Ascended: Ceratosaurus
  • Additions Ascended: Deinosuchus
  • Additions Ascended: Deinotherium
  • Additions Ascended: Helicoprion
  • Additions Ascended: Xiphactinus
  • Alfa Oceanic Plataforms
  • Any Colour Sets
  • AP: Death Recovery
  • Ark Primal Chaos
  • Arkitect Structures Remastered
  • ArkNav
  • ArkWarfare Community Mod
  • Ascended Server Tracker
  • AutoDoors
  • Automated Ark
  • Autorunner
  • Bangin Tranqs
  • basilisks
  • Better Chat
  • Better Elevators
  • Better Feeding Troughs
  • Better Forges
  • Better Oviraptor
  • Better Refrigerator
  • Chaos Creator
  • Cheat Death (Homing Pigeon reloaded)
  • Classic Glider Ascended
  • Cliffans Vanilla Weapon Skins
  • CliffPlatforms
  • Configurable Stack Mod
  • CrunkQoL
  • Death Inventory Keeper
  • Death Recovery Item Tool
  • Dino Auto Attack
  • Dino Kill Potion
  • Dino+ (Nanny, Hatchey)
  • DinoCloud (a Dino Storage Solution)
  • DKA Mod
  • Draconic Chronicles (ALPHA) (Wyverns and more)
  • Dwarven Builders Mod
  • Easy Pumps
  • Eclectic-Ascended
  • Element Harvesting
  • Empire Gaming Community Mod
  • EnglarkMod
  • Ez Engram Unlocker
  • Ez Grapple Crossbow
  • Ez Guns on Dinos
  • Ez Resource Vouchers
  • EZ Stacks
  • Flyer Seatbelts (Cross Platform)
  • Gaia: Elixirs
  • Gaia: No Fall Damage
  • Gaia: Spawn Shield
  • Gaia: Starter Pack
  • Glyph Transformations
  • Gnome’s Early Tek Binoculars
  • Gnome’s Enhanced Fridge
  • GoA_Mod
  • griffins
  • Gryphons
  • Improved Industrial Cooker
  • Industrial Dehydrator
  • Infused ARK Community Mod
  • Irradiator
  • Itens Alfa
  • Just Be Reasonable! (rhynio craving change)
  • KJ’s Ark
  • Klinger Additional Boats
  • Klinger Additional Structures
  • Legacy Meat Spoiler
  • LoyaltyARK Community Mod
  • maewings
  • Managarmrs
  • Marvelous Spyglass
  • More Rideables
  • MuchStuffPack
  • Mystic Isles Community Mod
  • Nanite Owls Structures
  • Nanoh’s Reusables
  • No Untameables
  • Pelayori’s Cryo Storage
  • PhoenixARK Mod
  • Pirate Chests
  • Project Zodiac
  • Radical Storage
  • Rockwell’s Smithy
  • RR-FantasyGliderWings
  • RR-Homedeco and more! Beta
  • RR-Potions
  • S-dino Variants
  • ScrappedAssets
  • Silent Structures
  • Simple Flat Map
  • Sinomacrops
  • Sodium Den Community Mod
  • Solo Farm Mod
  • Super Spyglass Plus
  • Super Spyglass/Super Binoculars
  • Surprise Machines
  • Survival Ambience
  • Svartalfheim
  • Svartalfheim Armory
  • TC’s Odin
  • TC’s Storage Box
  • tekbows
  • TG Stacking Mod
  • TG Stacking Mod 1000-50
  • TG Stacking Mod 1000-90
  • The Working Class
  • TPC Pike
  • Ultimate Tranqs
  • Unknown’s test 3
  • Upgrade Station
  • Utilities Plus

We hope you’ve enjoyed this update on all mods available on console in Ark Survival Ascended. For more guides, like how to increase tether distance or all cave locations, click the links or stop by our ASA guides hub.

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