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Armored Core 6: Best Early Missions for Making Money

Making money early on in Armored Core 6 will make the rest of your time with the game a bit more comfortable. Here are the best missions to use it.

Early in Armored Core 6, money will be in relatively short supply. Parts will be, too, but you’ll quickly get access to enough expensive ones that what few credits you collect doing the main story will dry up. Thankfully, you can replay missions for the same reward amount with all your collected upgrades, and a few of the earlier missions are great for making money, so you can sit pretty for the rest of your playthrough. We’ll go over the four of the best early missions to make money in this guide to Armored Core 6.

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Best Ways to Make Money Early in Armored Core 6

There are eleven missions in Chapter 1 of Armored Core 6, and four of them are fantastic for making lots of money in a short time. I’m listing them here in order of duration, with a brief explanation of why they’re good for earning some extra cash.

1. Destroy the Tester AC: 95,000 Credits Base

By far the fastest mission on our list, as you can complete it in thirty seconds if you play it right. You can also do so without spending much ammo or needing many repairs, meaning the reward should never be much less than 85,000 credits.

The Destroy the Tester AC mission is also great for, well, testing your AC. While you can fight the Tester in the AC Test arena, there’s an actual environment you need to contend with. It’s not very big, and there isn’t much variety, but there is enough to test out different strategies, builds, and weapons in a relatively safe but still rewarding space.

2. Destroy the Transport Helicopters: 80,000 Credits Base

There’s a bit more going on in this mission, and while the base reward is less than others, that’s mitigated by the reward for destroying non-objective enemies. There are dozens of standard MTs, drones, and other smaller foes you can destroy that are worth between 800-2,400 Credits apiece. If you take the time to destroy them, the optional miniboss, and the helicopters, you can easily make upwards of 150,000 credits per run. Runs only take about five minutes on the longer side, so if you have the tolerance, you can run this mission for an hour and make millions.

Like the first mission I listed, this one is also good for testing your build, particularly its ability to take down tanky opponents. The quad-MT miniboss has a lot of health and resistances and will barrel down on you with an energy sword of its own, forcing you to work your reflexes and damage output at the same time. You can, of course, ignore the quad-MT entirely, as destroying the helicopters ends the mission even if it’s still up. The reward won’t be much less if you do so.

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3. Destroy Artillery Installations: 100,000 Credits Base

This mission is on the longer side (5-8 minute completions for a full clear), but defeating every enemy here takes the base reward and essentially doubles it. You’ll need to take the time to hunt down every enemy on a reasonably large map, and they can be on the top of skyscrapers and in the streets below. You don’t need to destroy everything here for a massive payout, of course. Plus, the longer you spend here, the more likely the artillery is to deal more damage than you’re willing to spend on repairs.

And like the last two missions, you can use this one to test out your AC’s maneuverability. The tall buildings, bridges, and alleyways make great places to see how well you can control your mech and kite enemies. While those skills won’t be as important in Armored Core 6’s boss fights, but for its tougher fights against the smaller fodder, it can be essential.

4. Attack the Dam Complex: 190,000 Credits Base

The longest and potentially least rewarding mission on this list, the Dam Complex mission is still a great option if you want to add some variety to your credit farming. It’s an easy mission thanks to having several allies to fall back on, but there’s only enemy that poses any real threat: the AC you fight near the end. Unfortunately, there’s no reward for defeating additional foes, and you can come away much worse for wear. However, most runs I did awarded around 150,000 credits for about a ten-minute average run.

And (stop me if you’ve heard this one before), you can do some learning on this mission as well. Many of the more important story missions in Armored Core 6 have fights against other ACs in them, and the farther you go in the story, the more dangerous these enemy mercs become. Testing how different setups do against even the weak enemy AC in this mission will be a good prologue to future battles.

Those are your four early missions for fast money in Armored Core 6. Once you make it deeper into the campaign, money becomes less of a problem, but running out later is much harder if you build up a bank at the beginning. And parts get expensive. So you’ll want as much as you can get. For more on AC6, check out our hub to the game.

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