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Armored Core 6: Top 10 Best Weapons

Equip your AC only with the best units by following our list of the Top 10 weapons in Armored Core 6.

There are over 70 weapons in Armored Core 6, including RL-Arm units, L-Arm melee units, and RL-Back units. Typically, you want to choose RL-Arm units for long-range kinetic combat and L-Arm melee units for close-range combat. The back units usually serve as support armaments, but they shouldn’t be neglected. They can actually be very useful in certain builds and situations. Our guide will list the top 10 best weapons in Armored Core 6, including tips on how to get each of them.

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Top 10 Best Weapons in Armored Core 6

Here’s a quick glance at the Top 10 best weapons in Armored Core 6. Click the links below to jump to each entry for more info on each one.

WB-0010 Double Trouble

Double Trouble starts our list of the Top 10 best weapons in Armored Core 6, because it’s an L-Arm chainsaw and one of the best melee weapons in the game. It has the highest direct damage bonus of all weapons in AC6. Its charged attacks have so much stagger power that even the fastest and most mobile ACs can’t avoid them. The only drawback that I was able to find is the light attack, which doesn’t do much in terms of damage, so definitely stick to the charged attacks with this one.

  • How to get WB-0010 Double Trouble: Find it inside the container during the “Eliminate Honest Brute” mission at the Contaminated Zone, Grid 012.

HI-32: BU-TT/A

This is the best starting L-Arm pulse blade weapon in Armored Core 6, which is light and grants high DPS. It’s a melee weapon that deals high-speed slashing damage, which is super effective against enemy pulse shields. The charged attacks are some of the strongest among all melee weapons in the game, although not as powerful as those of WB-0010 Double Trouble. I highly recommend HI-32: BU-TT/A for your early build!

  • How to get HI-32: BU-TT/A: Available by default at the beginning of the game as a part of the starting loadout for Augmented Human C4-621 AC.


Many AC6 players consider the VE-60SNA not only the best back weapon in the game but the best weapon overall, period. One could argue with this notion or not, but one thing is sure: this stun needle launcher can do almost anything. It has fantastic range, very high damage, a direct hit bonus, and even an extra AoE upon impact due to its Electrical Discharge status. It’s not too heavy either, so I’d definitely use this in almost every single build in Armored Core 6.

  • How to get VE-60SNA: Available during the “Attack the Old Spaceport” mission right before you fight the Ice Worm. If you defeat the Ice Worm, this weapon will appear in the Parts Shop, too.

LR-037 Harris

There are two major linear rifles in Armored Core 6: Curtis and Harris. While many players like Curtis for its higher rate of fire and slightly larger magazine, the real winner here is actually Harris. It has a lower fire rate, but the overall DPS is much higher, effectively dealing twice as much damage per shot as Curtis, which results in better kills. Sure, it’s not without drawbacks, like overheating after a single charged shot, but if your playstyle allows for a reduced number of shots with higher damage, then it will work for you like a charm.

  • How to get LR-037 Harris: Available at the Garage for 135,000 Coam after completing the “Destroy the Ice Worm” mission at the Central Ice Field, Unobservable Area.

MA-J-200 Ransetsu-RF

Ransetsu is another burst rifle that’s available early in the game, and it’s a pretty good one. Its charged shots fire burst rounds that deal massive impact damage with stagger. If you like starting a boss fight with a fine and quick stagger, then having two of these on your AC would be the best strategy. This makes bosses unable to dodge all of your further shots, which you can easily achieve by alternating left and right arms.

  • How to get MA-J-200 Ransetsu-RF: Purchase from the Parts Shop at the Garage for 105,000 Coam as soon as the shop becomes available to you.

LR-036 Curtis

If the overheating after a single charged shot on Harris annoys you, then I highly recommend picking Curtis instead. You’ll quickly adapt to its firepower, decent stagger ability, and almost infinite magazine (three reasons it’s one of my Top 10 best weapons in Armored Core 6). If you equip Curtis on both arms, then two shots from each arm will definitely stagger most ACs. Even if they dodge one, the second shot will definitely hit them with a half-stagger. The charged shot takes only one bullet, and the range is quite incredible, too.

  • How to get LR-036 Curtis: Once you complete the “Beginner Training 2: Combat Fundamentals” trial, this kinetic weapon will be available for purchase at the Garage for 65,000 Coam.

44-141 JVLN Alpha

Here’s one of the best detonating bazookas with a projectile that not only deals explosive damage on impact but also breaks into smaller projectiles that detonate on their own, dealing further damage. This means that almost every single shot will effectively stagger any nearby AC. Alpha also has the highest impact damage of all weapons in Armored Core 6, which is especially useful against any already staggered enemy.

  • How to get 44-141 JVLN Alpha: Once you complete the “Ocean Crossing” mission in Chapter 2 and reach Hunter Rank 2, this bazooka becomes available at the Garage for 182,000 Coam.

DF-GA-08 Hu-Ben

Rapid-fire weapons such as Gatling guns have always been extremely powerful in every Armored Core game. The current installment of the game includes DF-GA-08 Hu-Ben, which is a Gatling gun with no magazine, so you don’t have to worry about reloading it ever. Of course, this weapon is prone to overheating, but once you spew all those bullets onto your enemies, the cooldown will all be worth it. I’ll put it really simply for you: Hu-Ben is the ultimate pressure weapon of Armored Core 6!

  • How to get DF-GA-08 Hu-Ben: Complete the “Attack the Waypoint” mission in Chapter 1, and then purchase it from the Parts Shop for 170,000 Coam.


But let’s not forget about the melee weapons, as this stun baton can deal three consecutive hits, which is comparable only to a laser dagger but with much higher damage. On top of that, it has the lowest reload time among all other melee weapons and some of the highest-charged attack DPS. If your build requires a solid melee weapon, then you won’t make a mistake by picking the only available stun baton in AC6.

  • How to get VP-67EB: It becomes available at the Parts Shop for 94,000 Coam only after you complete the “Ocean Crossing” mission in Chapter 2.

SG-027 Zimmerman

The last weapon on our list is a shotgun, which I’d suggest equipping on both arms for extra damage, as that’s how they tend to perform in the most effective way. Zimmerman is also the current meta weapon for the PvP mode, so if that’s your mode of choice, then look no further. Its only drawback is the reload time, which is quite steep. That’s why I strongly recommend equipping a back unit to keep the fire going and not lose precious time, while your shotguns reload.

  • How to get SG-027 Zimmerman: Once you complete the “Ocean Crossing” mission in Chapter 2, this shotgun becomes available at the Garage for 115,000 Coam.

Those are the top 10 best weapons in Armored Core 6. Stay tuned for more Armored Core 6 tips and tricks articles right here.

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