Check this guide out for details on the Arms Getter in Arms!

ARMS Guide: How the Arms Getter Works and Tips for Using It

Check this guide out for details on the Arms Getter in Arms!

Even though each fighter in Arms starts off with 3 signature arms, you can unlock all of them for each character. You do that in the Arms Getter. This is not simply a shop where you can spend money to buy Arms — it is a game mode that requires some skill.

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I’m going to go over how this works, and some tips to help you get more arms out of each session.

How to Unlock New Arms

First let me explain the Arms Getter if you have not read my Arms Beginner Tips and Tricks.

As you play the game, you will earn money. You can spend this money in Get Arms mode to unlock new Arms for your characters.

In this mode, you will hit targets to move on, boxes to unlock Arms, and clocks to increase your timer. You can keep going until the timer runs out, then the game shows you all the Arms you received if you didn’t see them during the match.

There are 3 different timers that cost different amounts:

  • Short: Costs 30 cash and starts with a 25-second timer
  • Medium: Costs 100 cash and starts with a 50-second timer
  • Long: Costs 200 cash and starts with a 90-second timer

The first Arm you get will always be for the character you are playing as, and you are more likely to get more Arms for that character the more you play with them.

Arms getter timer choices

Now as for which mode is the most efficient, it depends on how well you can do. If you are decent but not that great, the Medium timer may be best, with the Long timer also being an alternative.

Sometimes I was able to get 12 or more Arms during the medium timer, which ends up being more overall if I do 2 of those instead of 1 long timer.

If you are really good at this game mode, the Medium timer might still be good, but the Long timer is probably your best bet. If you can keep the game going for a long time, you can probably unlock dozens at once.

Duplicate Arms

Once you have unlocked an Arm, you have a chance to get a duplicate in the Arms Getter. When this happens, it will receive a blue + next to it. This increases the Arms damage by 10 points.

You can only upgrade an Arm once, so when you have every Arm unlocked for a character and upgraded, you won’t get any more Arms for that character.

Arms Getter Tips

Hit the Clocks

Make sure you always hit the clocks, because they increase the time you can stay in that mode. The short and medium timer clocks will increase the timer by 5 seconds, while the long timer will increase it by 10 seconds.

Get Target Streaks

This mode is all about aiming, similar to skillshot. The more targets you hit in one attack, the more points you get. The higher your score, the more frequently targets and Arms boxes appear.

arms getter streaks

You will notice if it is a streak by the amount of points you get when hitting the targets. If it is increasing, that means it counts — otherwise it will go back down.

One thing to note is that both arms can count as a single attack, and it counts as long as you punch with the second arm before the first arm reaches the end.

This means that you can punch with one arm to the left to get targets and punch with the other arm to the right to get more — and they will both count towards the streak if your first arm has not reached the end before you started the second arm’s punch.

Watch for moving target, boxes, and clocks

To save time and get points, you can wait for these to move within range of the other targets. If you wait, you will be able to hit them all at once, save time, and increase your score to get more Arms.

Pay attention to the Logo on the box

If you look at the boxes, you should notice each one has a logo. This is the logo for the character that will get the Arm when you punch. If there is ever a time where you must decide between which box to hit, hit the one with the logo of the character you want the most.

Now you should have a good grasp of how the Arms Getter works so you can increase your score and unlock more Arms at once without wasting your hard-earned cash. Let me know if you have any questions!

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