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Check this guide out for the info on every weapon in Arms!

ARMS Switch Game Guide: Arm Types and Loadouts

Check this guide out for the info on every weapon in Arms!
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

There are 30 different Arms to choose from for 10 different characters in ARMS. Each character can choose 3 to have in their loadout during a match, and use 2 at a time. This leads to hundreds of combinations you can try out.

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Each Arm does different things — from damage to elements and effects. Which Arms you choose can be more important than your character, so it is essential that you know everything about each Arm. This guide is going to go over all the info, so you can prepare for your matches. It will include:

  • Arms Type Info: Each Arm in the game, its damage, element/effect, and how it attacks.
  • +Arms Info: How each Arm is affected when you upgrade it.
  • Loadout Tips: Suggestions of Arms you should always have set when playing Ranked or other competitive matches.

Arms Type Info

I’m going to separate each Arm into categories based on the type of weapon it is, then list each version of them. I’ll list the base damage in this section, along with the damage when you charge them. Arms+ info is in the next section.

Boxing Gloves

These are normal gloves that look like boxing gloves. They attack normally, with no special effects other than an element. Check out my Arms Guide: Elements/Attributes Info if you don’t know how those work.

  • Rush Mode: The Rush Mode for this type is straightforward. You can tap each punch button as many times as you can during Rush until it ends.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Toaster Fire 90 130
Sparky Electric 90 90
Chilla Ice 90 100
Buff 90 100
Bubb 90 100 



These Arms attack in a wide arc, great for curving your attacks.

  • Rush Mode: Boomerangs will create a whirlwind attack that travels towards the enemy during Rush.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Boomerang Wind 80 90
Coolerang Ice 80 90



These Arms have a wide attack range by firing 3 horizontal ranged attacks.

  • Rush Mode: Tri-Arms will launch several projectile attacks as many times as you punch with each Arm.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Tribolt Stun 70 110
Triblast Blast 70 120



These Arms have 3 circular attacks that hit 1 at a time. It is possible to hit with just 1 or 2 of these hits, making it great for catching your opponent off guard.

  • Rush Mode: Revolver Arms will rapid fire shots like a machine gun during Rush mode.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Revolver Electric 70 70
Retorcher Fire 70 110



The Homing Arms are special because not only do they track the target, but they also explode once they hit the target. This is currently the only Arm that has an Electric type which increases damage when charged.

  • Rush Mode: Homing arms cause huge explosion during Rush and can only be used 1-2 times before time runs out.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Homie Blast 70 120
Seekie Electric 70 110



These Arms launch a bird out when they extend fully. These birds can be curved multiple ways — they can even dive bomb from above.

  • Rush Mode: Bird arms will launch several spiral attack on the opponent when they connect during Rush Mode.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Thunderbird Electric 80 80
Phoenix Fire 80 120


Slap Arms

Slap Arms attack in a wide arc similar to the Boomerangs. These are great for people that like to dash to the side a lot.

  • Rush Mode: Slap arms repeatedly slap the opponent when they connect during Rush mode, so you won’t need to rapidly punch.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Slapamander Fire 80 120
Slamamander Wind 80 90



These perform spiral-spread attack, similar to a shotgun. 

  • Rush Mode: Popper Arms perform a continuous attack once they connect during rush Mode.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Popper Wind 70 110
Cracker Fire 70 130



These are great curving arms that attack with spinning disks.

  • Rush Mode: Chakrams can rapidly punch during Rush Mode, just like the Boxing Gloves and Tri-Arms.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Chakram Stun 80 100
Ramram Fire 80 120


Mega Arms

These are huge arms that are slow but deal a lot of damage when they hit. They can also go through lighter arms when they punch.

  • Rush Mode: Mega Arms will perform a drill-like spinning attack on the opponent when they connect during Rush Mode.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Megaton 110 130
Megawatt Electric 110 110



These are ranged arms that launch a beam after they extend. The beam stays out for a short time and can be moved slightly to the left or right during that time.

  • Rush Mode: Dragon Arms shoot a huge beam that continually damages the opponent when used during Rush Mode.
Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Dragon Fire 90 130
Ice Dragon Ice 90 100


Unique Arms

This is a section for Arms that do not fit the above categories. Each of the following Arms only has 1 type currently available to players. Here’s the breakdown of their elements and damage, followed by an explanation of how each one works and what it does in Rush Mode.

Arm Element Base Damage Charged Damage
Guardian Electric 80 80
Parasol Wind 90 100
Whammer Stun 100 120
Hydra Fire 70 110
Blorb Blind 100 100 

This is a shield Arm that can block punches while it is out. If you attack a second time, it will perform a spinning attack towards the opponent.

  • Rush Mode: Guardian Arms perform a spinning attack that hits multiple times when it connects during Rush Mode.

This Arm opens up like an umbrella when it attack and spins. It can also work as a shield during the attack.

  • Rush Mode: Parasol Arms perform a spinning attack that hits multiple times when it connects during Rush Mode, similar to Guardian Arms.

This Arm swings downwards on the enemy with a slam attack.

  • Rush Mode: Hammer Arms continually slam down on the target for multiple attacks if they connect during Rush Mode.

This arms shoots 3 vertical ranged attacks at the same time, similar to the Tri-Arms. The difference is that this Arm is great for hitting opponents in the air.

  • Rush Mode: Hydra Arms hit multiple times when they land during Rush Mode. You can’t rapid fire, but you can get 2-3 punches out.

This circular Arm can bounce on the ground on its way to the opponent if you aren’t close enough for the initial hit. The Blorb is currently the only Arm in the game with the Blind Element.

  • Rush Mode: Orb Arms will bounce on the ground and hit the opponent multiple times when it connects during Rush. The Blorb will also Blind during Rush Mode.

+Arms Info

After you unlock an Arm from the Arms Getter, you have a chance to upgrade it if you get it again. These +Arms have a blue + after their name and can only be upgraded once. Every Arm gets a 10 point damage upgrade, but their damage in Rush mode is not affected.

There are also 4 arms currently that increase your Grab damage:

  • Whammer 
  • Megaton
  • Megawatt
  • Guardian

Each of these Arms will increase your grab damage by 5 if equipped. If you have 2 of them equipped, you get a total of 10 extra damage for your grabs.

Loadout Tips

Selecting the right Arms is crucial to winning matches, and some Arms are better for different situations. There are others that are good to have on you because they are versatile and almost always have a use no matter who you fight.

ARMS loadout

Tribolt/Triblast and Hydra

These are my 2 most used Arms because of their wide range.

Triblast is also good here, but I opt for Tribolt specifically because of the stun it gives. Its range makes it easy to hit people trying to sidestep, and the stun from a charge can set them up for other attacks.

Hydra works the same way, but vertically instead of horizontally. People that try to jump a lot can be hit more easily when using the Hydra. It is also good for going down the middle instead of being knocked away by other arms.

Mega Arms

These are huge arms that do a lot of damage. They are great because even though they are slow, they can knock away light arms and still attack the enemy.

The Megawatt is fantastic because it can also shock the enemy to disable their Arms.

Revolver Arms

These are good for one reason — relentless assault. These Arms attack 3 times in a row and are hard to avoid if you are trying to attack. Having one of these will keep the enemy on their toes, and punish those that are too aggressive. 

Electric Arms

The final category of Arms you should have in your loadout is obvious to those that have played the game. The Electric element is currently extremely powerful because it disables the opponent’s Arms — so they can’t punch, dash, jump, or move far.

Hitting the opponent with one of these sets them up for easy Grabs, which quickly adds up damage. Add Megawatt’s bonus to throw damage, and you have a powerful tool.

Those are all my tips for Arms Types and Loadouts. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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