Check this guide to find out how to quickly earn money in ARMS!

ARMS Switch Game Guide: How to Quickly Earn Money

Check this guide to find out how to quickly earn money in ARMS!

ARMS has many different gloves you can unlock for each character through the Arms Getter, but you need a lot of cash to get them. You can earn money for every mode in the game, but some can get you more than others.

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Since you can’t choose exactly what Arms you get, and there are many to unlock, you will want to quickly earn money. I’m going to go over the best methods of earning cash, so you can unlock everything that you want as fast as possible.

How to Quickly Earn Cash in ARMS

There are 3 modes that are great for earning money: Ranked, Grand Prix, and Party Match. 

  • Note: There are slight spoilers in the Grand Prix section, but I will not be too specific.
Ranked Match

Ranked Match is definitely the fastest way to earn money, but you have to win most of your matches. You get 8 cash for winning Ranked matches and 2 for losing. Obviously, winning adds up fast and is the best way to earn money. If you lose a lot though, it is the slowest method of earning money in the game.

Grand Prix

This mode is the one I grinded the most during my time with the game. If you play on 4 difficulty or higher, you will earn a lot of money. You are also required to do that at least once to unlock Ranked Mode anyway.

I won’t go into details, but there is a bonus fight when you play on 4 or higher. This bonus fight gives you 20 cash for winning. The fight before that gives 8. You will end up with over 60 cash at the end of the mode, depending on how well you do.

arms grand prix earning money

If 4 and higher is too challenging for now, you can play on 2 and still get a decent amount. There is no extra fight at the end, so you will get around 40 or so cash — but it is much easier. The amount you earn along the way is the same.

Playing on difficulty 1 only gives you half of what the other modes give, so it is not worth it.

You can also earn 1 extra cash for each perfect round you get. This really adds up, so this might be the mode to do if you can quickly get through and earn some perfects along the way.

Party Match

This mode is not really as good as the others, but can be good if you get winning streaks. You also get extra cash for staying in the lobby for multiple matches.

The matches are only 1 round each, so you can get through them faster and theoretically have  a good source of money. The problem is that you will get handicapped if you win too much.

Your max health will be lowered, plus you might end up fighting a high difficulty Hedlok, which greatly slows down your cash earning spree.

Friend Match

You can play online with people on your friends list. This is like Party Match, but you can set the rules and play with who you want. If you have friends that don’t mind, or if you are really good, this is better than Party Match.

You earn 3 points if you win a match, and 1 if you lose.

You could take turns losing to quickly end the match and earn money, though this method could quickly get boring.

That’s all for my guide on quickly earning money in ARMS. Let me know if you have any questions!

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