Check this guide out for a detailed description of each fighter ability in Arms!

ARMS Switch Game Guide to Fighter Abilities

Check this guide out for a detailed description of each fighter ability in Arms!
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

Every fighter in Arms has 2 fighter abilities. These abilities can drastically change how you fight and which Arms you may want to use. While some are pretty obvious, others are a little confusing. I’m going to list every fighter ability currently in Arms, and explain exactly how they all work.

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Arms Fighter Abilities

Spring Man
  • Perma-charge on low health
  • Deflect when finished charging

arms springman ability

Spring Man’s first ability allows his arms to stay permanently charged when his health drops to the last bar. This makes him even more of a danger when he is close to defeat.

Spring Man’s second ability causes him to deflect a punch if he is hit right when he finished charging up. This is much harder to control — but if you get the hang of his charge times, you can better time when you will deflect a punch.

Ribbon Girl
  • Jump multiple times in midair
  • Dive bomb midair dash

arms ribbon girl ability

Her first ability makes her a tough aerial fighter because she can easily change direction and keep jumping to avoid attacks. You can tap dash between the first jump to stay in the air, then jump again.

The second ability allows ribbon girl to drop quickly to the ground if you hold dash while in the air. This is great for throwing your opponent off guard if they try anti-air attacks.

  • Warp dash when jumping
  • Warp counter after blocking a punch

arms ninjara ability

Anyone who has played the test punch has probably seen Ninjara’s ability all too often. The first one lets him warp, or teleport, a short distance if he dashes while in the air. This allows him to dodge attacks and set up easy throws or punches.

His second ability is not as common, but still good defensively. As long as he is blocking when a punch hits, he will warp out of the way and allow for an instant counter attack. This does not counter throws, but it will activate each time someone punches, even during Rush.

Master Mummy
  • Super Armor – Takes punches without flinching
  • Regenerate health while blocking

arms master mummy ability

Master Mummy is slow, but he makes up for it with his first ability. Any normal punches that hit him will not stop him from moving or punching. Elemental hits like stun, fire, and explosion will still stop him.

His second ability allows him to continually heal as long as he is blocking. This is a slow heal and won’t help if you are constantly getting hit, but it is a great way to get people to attack first.

Min Min
  • Repel kick with midair dash
  • Perma-charged left arm when she charges up

arms min min ability

Min Min’s first ability is harder to get used to, but any dash she does midair will perform a kick that deflects punches. This changes depending on how you dash, so it is good to try each one to find the easiest way to deflect punches.

The second ability is the best one, she can keep her left arm charged as long as you hold either the jump or dash buttons to charge up. The left arm stays charged until you get knocked down, so try to avoid those.

This will not activate from the quick charges like jumping or blocking, but it does activate from her throw.

  • Can hover by holding jump, and slide while holding dash
  • Super Armor – Takes punches without flinching

arms mechanica ability

Mechanica is similar to Master Mummy because of her second ability, but her first ability makes her more mobile.

When jumping, you can hover in the air for a short time if you hold the button. This also charges your arms. If you dash while on the ground, she will continue to slide in the direct you moved for a short time.

This is great for crossing long distances, but makes it harder to change directions.

  • Slows down punches while charging
  • Can charge midair while holding dash

arms twintelle ability

Twintelle’s first ability is the most useful because it slows any punch — even throws — that come your way. This is useful to stop fast punches and give you time to counterattack. 

Her second ability allows her to charge, and stay in the air if you hold dash midair. This charge will also slow down punches and has caused confusion over how her abilities work. She does not need to be in the air to slow down punches — she can do it while charging on the ground as well.

These abilities allow her to control the flow of battle both on the ground and in the air.

Byte and Barq
  • Barq fights with Byte
  • Byte can jump on Barq to repel punches

arms byte and barq ability

The first ability is obvious and does not require anything from the player. Barq will fight alongside you the entire fight and is useful in many ways. He can punch the enemy and will throw a charged punch if you also charged up.

His punch is similar to the Toaster (normal fire glove), but does less damage. He will also take any punches meant for you if you hide behind him.

Their second ability is useful, but harder to do than other repels. As long as you are jumping on Barq, you will repel any punch that comes your way. This does not repel throws. It is also hard to jump on him at times, and makes you more vulnerable.

Kid Cobra
  • Slow dash, but becomes fast when charged
  • Fast jumps

arms kid cobra ability

Kid Cobra’s first ability allows him to move quickly on the ground as long as he is charged. His dash is normally slow, but this makes up for it. This will also activate anytime your gloves are charged, which means jump and block charges also count.

His second ability isn’t as widely known, but it is what makes him so fast. Kid Cobra can jump faster than other fighters and this ability is always on — not just when he charges.

This allows him to quickly escape danger, plus he will charge when he hits the ground. This allows for an immediate quick dash, so he has excellent mobility.

  • Extends body by holding the jump button
  • Shrinks body by holding the dash button

arms helix ability

Helix is a weird character than can be a real threat in the hands of an experienced player. His first ability will extend his body in the direction you move while holding jump.

You can stay extended and simply move your body around to avoid punches as long as you hold the jump button down. You can become an easy target for throws or hits that go down the middle if you aren’t careful, though.

The second ability is great defensively because you can shrink whenever you hold dash. This allows Helix to duck under punches if used at the right time. An experienced Helix user will be hard to hit once they get used to your fighting style.

That’s how all of the fighter abilities currently in Arms work. This better understanding of each character should allow you to pick a fighter that best suits your fighting style. Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification!

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