Selling items in Atelier Ryza 2 involves following a side story, but it's worth your time. Here's what to do.

Atelier Ryza 2 Guide: Where and How to Sell Items

Selling items in Atelier Ryza 2 involves following a side story, but it's worth your time. Here's what to do.
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Atelier Ryza 2 changes quite a few systems from the original Ryza, and one of them is where to sell items. In the first game, Ryza could offload ingredients and synthesized items at any merchant on Kurken Island. Not so in Atelier Ryza 2.

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It’s a bit of a process getting Romy’s store to open, but our Atelier Ryza 2 guide to selling items walks you through the process.

How to Unlock Romy’s Store

Unlocking Atelier Ryza 2‘s item buyer involves following a few side stories and possibly completing some bulletin board requests. As with all Atelier games, some side stories and the conditions for unlocking them overlap with other stories, so they might trigger at different times. Here’s how it worked for me, though.

After clearing the first ruins, explore the Valley of Winds and enter the ruins there. Go back to the atelier, and when you check the map, you should see a new face icon next to Central District. If not, try synthesizing or having time pass in some other way.

This event sees Ryza and Romy re-unite. Romy mentions she’s set up shop in the capital and asks Ryza to stop by again. You should, but you can’t sell things yet.

The next day, a new Romy icon should appear next to the Central District again. Try leaving and re-entering the city if not or making time pass some other way.

This time, a customer approaches Romy, and Romy says Ryza can create anything she needs. Just listening completes the quest, which is great, except it still doesn’t unlock anything. Romy asks Ryza to sell things, but you still can’t do that yet.

You’ll need to trigger the next event in Romy’s story, which takes another in-game day and possibly some request completion.

I triggered a few more side stories, handed in three easy requests, and accepted some reputation development tasks, so if it won’t work for you, try any combination of those things.

After that, Romy’s story updated in the story tab, and another icon appeared. Speak with her, and she’ll ask you to vary her supply by selling whatever you find, rare or not. 

Your bog-standard ingredients won’t sell for much, so just hang on to those for requests. Should you be in need of cash, synthesize some items — equipment or high-quality items ideally — and try adding items with the “expensive” trait. This ups the finished product’s value, though not always by a lot.

Also like previous Atelier games, you won’t be raking in the Cole until you get better recipes.

The real benefit of selling items in Atelier Ryza 2 is expanding the Central District stalls’ selection. Selling Romy an item means one of the related stalls starts stocking it, which is handy when you don’t feel like finding it again (or can’t remember where it was). The higher the shop rating, the more goods go up for sale, so it’s a win-win situation.

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