Atlas Fallen: How to do Sealing Totems Challenges

If you're stumped by those strange crystals you can raise in Atlas Fallen, here's what to do with them.

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Crystal Sealing Totems are scattered throughout Atlas Fallen. You can first encounter these artifacts in the wilds of Caladrias, outside of Castrum 7. You can raise them with the power of the Gauntlet, but what do you do after that? Here’s how to do Sealing Totem challenges in Atlas Fallen.

How to do Sealing Totem Challenges in Atlas Fallen

You can find Sealing Totems by the small eruptions of dirt in the ground surrounded by blue sparkling energy, similar to that of the Gauntlet. You can also find a couple already out of the ground with a note nearby. A researcher was trying to figure out the totems and hit one with her hammer, most likely causing it to stay above ground.

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Raising a Sealing Totem starts a timed challenge.

  • The totem will send out a green light in a straight line.
  • This line points to another place where you can raise a totem.
  • You need to race over to that location and raise the totem.
  • If the line turns red, you’re running out of time.
  • If that happens, you can retry the series by raising the first totem again.
  • Repeat the process until the challenge is complete.

Many of the Sealing Totem challenges will end up putting you through a type of obstacle course. Often you’ll need to employ double jump and air dash to make it to a destination that is otherwise inaccessible. Some will need to be completed later after you upgrade your Air Dash and Raise.

Why Complete Sealing Totem Challenges?

There are a couple of reasons to complete the challenges posed by Sealing Totems. The first is to progress the story. Some Gauntlet Shards, especially those you need to obtain after upgrading Air Dash, will be locked with Sealing Totems. Doors will be barred in the same manner towards the end game, as well. In order to move forward in the main story, the locks will need to be disengaged.

Another reason is to obtain treasure. When you complete a challenge, the final totem will laser point to a location where you can raise a chest from the sands. These chests can contain any type of loot, including cosmetic dyes and Essence Stones.

That’s how to do Sealing Totem challenges in Atlas Fallen. If you’re looking for help with Watcher’s Fury, quest help, and more, check out our guides hub for the game.

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