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Atlas Fallen: How to Find Treasure in Wildlife Habitats

Atlas Fallen's wildlife Habitats have more than just animals. Here's how to find treasure.

Even in the desert, there are oases, and the world of Atlas Fallen is no exception. Some areas of the forest still remain vibrant and full of life. Often these areas are found in conjunction with Wildlife Habitats, marked by a stag icon on your map and UI. Within these refuges are secrets only the animals can uncover. Here’s how to find the hidden treasures of Wildlife Habitats in Atlas Fallen.

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How to Find Treasure in Wildlife Habitats in Atlas Fallen

The first Wildlife Habitat you come upon in Caladrias is near where you awaken after the gauntlet first explodes. A tutorial will pop up that explains how to find treasure in this area, but I found the description doesn’t match what actually happens.

  • To find the buried treasure, you must stealthily watch the various animals in the habitat from a distance.
  • Then one will glow gold and lead you to the treasure.
  • Follow the glowing trail until it paws the ground.
  • Get the treasure!
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Finding Treasure in Wildlife Habitats Detailed

After a time watching an animal, a soft, golden shimmer will appear around it. This is typically on the backside. And a small chime will sound. This is the most difficult part of finding treasure in Wildlife Habitats. There are multiple animals in the area, and having any of them too close will cause none of them to glow.

You can tell you’re too close when they start staring at you. Alternatively, the offscreen combat icon will show. Back away until they stop peering into your soul, or the icon disappears. I found watching them from a height was the best way to avoid either happening.

Then follow the animal’s trail at a distance until it paws the ground. Thankfully, a golden shimmer trail will remain on the ground for a short time as the creature walks. It will also mark the location of the treasure. The glow can be hard to see if there’s any sand in the area, so try to keep your eyes on the creature as best as possible.

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Wildlife Habitat Treasure Maps Explained

Once the location is marked, you can show yourself and scare away the beast. Interacting with the spot will reveal a piece of a treasure map. Each Wildlife Habitat area holds a piece of the region’s map. You can only hunt for this treasure when all pieces are assembled.

When the full map is assembled, you can check your journal to see where it points. There’s a whole section on the left side for just treasure maps. You’ll also find a general location is now marked on your map and your UI with a closed chest icon. Consulting the completed chart will pinpoint the chest’s location. You’ll need to use Raise to lift it out of the sand and claim its contents.

That’s how to find the treasure in Wildlife Habitats in Atlas Fallen. If you need help surviving the Watcher’s Fury, or completing challenges, check out our guides hub for the game.

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