You get the shotgun pretty early in Atomic Heart, but can you get a shotgun blueprint if you disassemble it?

Atomic Heart: How to Get the Shotgun and Shotgun Blueprint

You get the shotgun pretty early in Atomic Heart, but can you get a shotgun blueprint if you disassemble it?

Few weapons can have proven as consistent across video games as the good old fashioned shotgun. Lethal up close with diminishing returns at range, this staple of shooters is one of the must have tools of destruction in Atomic Heart. We will tell you where to get it, and offer one very important warning to make sure you don’t lose it.

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Where to Get the Shotgun in Atomic Heart

When the robots rise up, and lab created monstrosities begin their rampage, you’ll want a good weapon at your side. Fortunately Atomic Heart gives you the Shotgun early, and makes it hard to miss. 

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Shortly after you leave the introductory area in the Chelomey Complex you will be carried through the air in a car. After you crash land you will be rescue by Granny Zina. She will send you down into the underground Vavilov complex. 

In the Complex you will see a large sealed door. You need to retrieve the wheel from the small opening in the ceiling to open it. As soon as you do a man will try and escape from the other side of the door, but he’s drug away by a long robotic tentacle.

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Bad news for him, but good for you. As soon as you walk through the door you pickup up his Shotgun, and can use it to start blasting away any robots who look at you funny. 

Where to Get the Shotgun Blueprint in Atomic Heart

Now you know where to get the shotgun, but what happens if you dismantle it and need to craft a replacement?

We searched all over, and could not find a Shotgun blueprint in Atomic Heart. Undeterred, we reached out directly to Mundfish, the studio behind Atomic Heart, who had this to say:

“At the moment, if a shotgun has been disassembled, it cannot be created again. We have noticed that several players have encountered this problem and we will add such a recipe to the starter kit in the coming updates, just like we did for the axe Swede.”​

Based on this, we can definitively confirm that there is no Shotgun recipe in Atomic Heart. However, it sounds like one is going to be added at a future date. We will be sure to update when that makes it to the game.

Until the blueprint gets added, we offer a simple Public Service Announcement: Do not dismantle the Shotgun in Atomic Heart!

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Now that you’ve got the shotgun, it’s time to upgrade it. We have that, and several other guides to help you make the most of the robot apocalypse on our Atomic Heart page. Just be sure not to dismantle your shotgun. Check it out!

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