Here is the list of all of the trophies and achievements you can earn for Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart Trophies and Achievements List

Here is the list of all of the trophies and achievements you can earn for Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart releases later this month, the game toting first-person shooting with a myriad of special powers. Being that combat is the focus, it makes sense that the trophy and achievement list would have a number of trophies dedicated to killing enemies under various means.

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While a decent portion of the trophies and achievements are dedicated to making progress through the story, some others will require you to find collectibles and do the aforementioned killing. All told, it doesn’t look like a truly difficult list to complete.

How Many Trophies and Achievements are in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart has 42 trophies and achievements on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms. On PS4 and PS5, you can earn one platinum trophy, three gold trophies, eight silver trophies, and 30 bronze trophies. The platinum, of course, awarded after earning all of the rest. Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players can earn 1,000 Gamerscore by obtaining all the achievements as well.

All Atomic Heart Trophies and Achievements

  • The Motherland Does Not Forget its Heroes: Unlock All Trophies / Achievements
  • Strike: Kill Hedgie without making a single shot/destroy all statues.
  • Medium Rare: Kill Belyash.
  • Make It Go Round: Kill Hedgie.
  • Plyusch Rush: Kill Plyusch.
  • Show’s Over: Kill Natasha.
  • Dew Point: Kill Dewtop.
  • Murderous Beauty: Kill Twins.
  • Chop Chop Chop: Kill Beylash with a melee weapon.
  • Happy Polymerization Day!: Fly out of Chelomey.
  • Pistils and Stamens: Get out of Vavilov.
  • Tickets, Please!: Take a train at the Lesnaya Maglev train station.
  • Quite an Achievement: Clear the VDNH complex.
  • Curtain: Finish a theater performance.
  • Medical Checkup: Get to a hospital.
  • Freedom Reflex: Explore Pavlov.
  • Kommunism 2.0: Find out the AoC’s secret.
  • Atomic Heart: Complete the game in Hardcore mode.
  • Artisan: Create a weapon in a crafting machine.
  • Weapon Master: Create five types of weapons.
  • Lord of War: Collect all weapons.
  • Chemist: Craft consumables of all types.
  • Polymerization: Collect 100 jelly.
  • Apple Pie: Pick all apples in Limbo.
  • The Great Inventor: Upgrade a weapon to the maximum level.
  • Lefthand Mastery: Fully upgrade on skill tree.
  • How Can I Help You?: Use a phone booth at Chelomey.
  • Beast Friend: Find all talking dead animals.
  • The Necromancer: Talk to every dead.
  • Burning Ears: Find all chirpers.
  • More Than Profit: Find all Lootyagins.
  • Explorer: Find a testing ground.
  • Clean-Up: Complete all testing grounds.
  • Scanner: Scan all mobs.
  • Avatar: Kill 10 burning enemies, 10 electrified enemies, and 10 frozen enemies.
  • Hothead: Make 25 aimed headshots from Makarov pistol.
  • Below Zero: Freeze a Vova mid-air.
  • Assimilation Procedure Interrupted: Don’t let a sprout grow into a mutant.
  • Bull’s Eye!: Use Telekinesis to throw an object and knock down an Owl.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: Get drunk with vodka and kill 5 enemies.
  • Triple Penetration: Kill 3 or more enemies with a single Railgun shot.
  • Hands on the Hood: Hit 20 enemies by a car.

For more help with tricky segments of Atomic Heart, make sure to head over to our growing Atomic Heart hub.

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