Aura Kingdom Mobile is here! This guide can help you quickly level your character through X-Legend's visually stunning adventure.

Aura Kingdom Mobile Leveling Guide

Aura Kingdom Mobile is here! This guide can help you quickly level your character through X-Legend's visually stunning adventure.

Based on the fantasy MMORPG Aura Kingdom, Taiwan game developer X-Legend Entertainment freshly introduced its faithful port to the mobile platform and English markets as Aura Kingdom Mobile. With eight classes, or Envoys of Gaia, to choose from, this guide will help you quickly level your player and carve your own legacy in the anime RPG.

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menus on a screenshot from Aura Kingdom Mobile showing how to start a quest

Gaining Experience: The Basics

Aura Kingdom Mobile follows MMORPG tropes by allowing players to engage in a number of experience-yielding activities, from daily and weekly missions to PvP instances and Sky Tower raids, but perhaps the strongest method of level progression is completing the main storyline.   

Quest completion in Aura Kingdom Mobile is straightforward: tap a mission from the left-side panel and your character will automatically fulfill the tasks required, as indicated by the illuminated Auto icon. Envoys will gather, fight, and locate NPCs via this feature with relative ease to help you quickly accumulate experience points.

menu on this Aura Kingdom Mobile screen showing how to check the daily missions

Types of Available Quests

From the main interface, players can tap Daily to access several side quests to supplement experience gained from primary story missions. While each quest has a reset timer that typically exceeds a few hours, weekly and daily tasks can be tracked for rewards, such as gold, gems, fortification crystals, and other miscellaneous items.

  • Weekly and Daily Missions: Complete a task x amount of times.
  • Commission: Kill x number of enemies.
  • Plot/Special Instance: Clear a phase by entering and defeating the required enemies. When a player clears the instance manually on the first attempt, Sweepers can be purchased to clear the remaining attempts and instantly receive the available rewards; however, this approach requires significant stamina.

There are also several achievements and experience-gaining challenges that can be found in the Explore tab of the character panel for each region. Note: If you’ve missed an item, tap Track, which will prompt you to travel to the area for gold, Aura Kingdom Mobile’s in-game currency.

a meter showing how much a character has leveled up in Aura Kingdom Mobile

Consuming Eidolon EXP Crystals

At level 12, players will unlock an Eidolon companion to aid them on their Aura Kingdom adventure. Improving the companion’s performance will also grant experience that can help Envoys quickly level. Select Gaia Crystal from the Inventory Panel and feed it to any Eidolon by tapping Use. You can manually enter a desired number, or simply select Max to deplete your Gaia Crystal stack. Confirm by selecting Go.

a green character being attacked by both land- and air-dwelling creatures in Aura Kingdom Mobile

Ancillary Experience

In addition to the experience boosts that can be consumed, including the EXP Card that grants 50% EXP while active, Envoys can pursue professions via the Leisure tab to craft graded items. For more social players, guilds also present a viable option to participate in events and benefit from the added experience buffs.   

Following these tips will help you quickly level your player and become a master Envoy of Gaia. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more on Aura Kingdom Mobile.

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