Babylon’s Fall: Where to Find Your Inbox and Rewards

Your inbox is where all of your rewards and pre-order bonuses go in Babylon's Fall. Here's how to find it.

Your inbox is where all of your rewards and pre-order bonuses go in Babylon's Fall. Here's how to find it.
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Babylon’s Fall is Square Enix’s latest foray into live-service games, this time coming by way of the renowned action game studio Platinum Games. While there are a handful of tutorials one thing Babylon’s Fall doesn’t explain is how to get your hands on rewards, which right now entail pre-order and Digital Deluxe Edition bonuses. Luckily it’s pretty easy, so here’s what you need to know. 

Where to Find Your Inbox in Bablyon’s Fall

While playing Babylon’s Fall you might notice a bright green message popping up at the top of your screen saying “rewards available.” If you want to claim these, the first thing you’ll need to do is play through the entire tutorial and opening level of Babylon’s Fall.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself dropped into the game’s hub area filled with merchants, quest boards, etc. You’ll start in a tavern and want to make your way up the stairs to the North.

Once you’re out on the street look ahead for another staircase leading up, as well as an icon that looks like a little chest with rays of light leading up, that’s your inbox. 

Head up the stairs and turn right into a tent, and you should see the inbox sitting on your right side. Now you can simply interact with it by pressing square and you’ll see a list of rewards pop up. You can claim them one by one or all at once, and keep in mind that some rewards may have specific periods you need to claim them by.

If it’s the pre-order and Digital Deluxe bonuses you’re looking for, however, those should be there indefinitely. Because these are cosmetic items they’re a little different to equip as well. Open up your menu and then press down on the right stick to open “Vanity Attire.” Here you’ll be able to equip various cosmetic equipment, change weapon color, and more. 

That’s everything you need to know about finding your inbox and collecting rewards in Babylon’s Fall. Make sure to check back with GameSkinny for more Babylon’s Fall guides.

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