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Backpack Battles: The Complete List of All Recipes

This complete list of every recipes in Backpack Battles is your cheat sheet to victory.

Filling a backpack with unique items has rarely been more fun. Since loot fuels your fights, helping you make swords and armor to defeat your foes, you’ll want to know what materials go into making them. Here’s a complete list of all recipes in Backpack Battles.

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Every Recipe in Backpack Battles, Listed

Not only will materials help you make items, but you can also combine them to strengthen your odds of victory and free up some much-needed inventory space. However, the game won’t tell you exactly how to make items by giving you recipes. You must discover them through playing. Or use our guide for a competitive edge.

  • Hero Sword
    • x1 Wooden Sword, x2 Whetstone.
  • Hero Longsword
    • x1 Hero Sword, x2 Whetstone.
  • Falcon Sword
    • x1 Hero Sword, x2 Gloves of Haste.
  • Bloodthorne
    • x1 Thorn Whip, x1 Hungry Blade.
  • Manathirst
    • x1 Mana Orb, x1 Hungry Blade.
  • Poison Dagger
    • x1 Dagger, x1  Pestilence Flask.
  • Blood Dagger
    • x1 Dagger, x1 Blood Amulet.
  • Spectral Dagger
    • x1 Dagger, x1 Mana Orb.
  • Crossblades
    • x1 Falcon Blade, x1 Hero Longsword.
  • Darksaber
    • x1 Demonic Flask, x1 Lightsaber.
  • Spiked Shield
    • x1 Wooden Buckler, x1 Walrus Tusk.
  • Vampiric Gloves
    • x1 Gloves, x1 Blood Amulet.
  • Vampiric Armor
    • x1 Armor, x1 Blood Amulet.
  • Strong Health Potion
    • x1 Health Potion, x2 Healing Herbs.
  • Strong Heroic Potion
    • x1 Heroic Potion, x1 Banana.
  • Magic Staff
    • x1 Broom, x1 Mana Orb.
  • Critwood Staff
    • x1 Magic Staff, x1 Acorn Collar.
  • Wand of Unhealing
    • x1 Magic Staff, x1 Demonic Flask.
  • Eggscalibur
    • x1 Pan, x1 Heroic Potion.
  • Pandamonium
    • x1 Pan, x1 Corrupted Crystal.
  • Ruby Chonk
    • x1 Ruby Whelp, x1 Holy Fire Lizard Card.
  • Poison Goobert
    • x1 Goobert, x2 Fly Argaric.
  • Steel Goobert
    • x1 Goobert, x1 Hero Sword.
  • Blood Goobert
    • x1 Goobert, x1 Blood Amulet.
  • Light Goobert
    • x1 Goobert, x1 Lightsaber.
  • Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Prime Slime
    • x1 Goobert, x1 Light Goobert, x1 Blood Goobert, x1 Steel Goobert, x1 Poison Goobert.

How to Make Recipes in Backpack Battles

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Crafting recipes in Backpack Battles is unique and reflects the importance of your inventory. You’ll likely need to do some rearranging to combine the items in your backpack. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Purchase the required items from the shop.
  • Place the recipe ingredients directly next to each other in your backpack.
    • Glowing lines will appear connecting the items if done correctly.
  • Play one round to combine the items.

Those are all of the recipes in Backpack Battles, as well as how to craft items with the materials you find. Good luck out there, and may you emerge victorious! Check out our other guides for more.

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