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Backpack Battles: How to Make the Darksaber

Find out how to make the Godly Darksaber weapon here.

Backpack Battles is an auto-battler that gets more compelling with each round. The Darksaber is one of the more interesting weapons you’ll discover as you progress in the game, but the recipe remains a mystery. Find out how to make the Darksaber here in our guide.

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How to Make the Darksaber in Backpack Battles

You’ll come across unique and exciting weapons as you progress in Backpack Battles. While the game starts you off with a simple Dagger, you’ll eventually come across advanced tools like Scythes, Welps, and more. The Darksaber is one of my favorite advanced items, but with a Godly rarity, it’s a bit tricky to craft. Here’s how to make the Darksaber:

  • Play the game as the Reaper class.
  • Reach round 10 in a game.
  • Buy a Lightsaber in the shop.
    • 12 Gold.
  • Buy a Demonic Flask in the shop.
    • 8 Gold.
  • Place the Lightsaber and Demonic Flask next to each other in your inventory.
  • Play a round with the items adjacent.
  • They’ll combine and craft a Darksaber following that round.

Obtaining the Lightsaber and Demonic Flask comes down to RNG, so you may need to refresh your shop a few times to get it. However, I’ve found that the Lightsaber and Demonic Flask won’t become available until round 10 in a game.

Darksaber Stats

The Darksaber is unique to the Reaper class because you’ll need the Reaper’s Demonic Flask to craft it. However, I’ve discovered I prefer the Reaper class because the debuff abilities are great to build into in ranked matches. The Darksaber is especially worth the effort because of the way it plays off the Reaper’s class specialties. Here are all of the Darksaber stats:

  • Type: Melee Weapon
  • Extra Type: Dark
  • Class: Reaper
  • Accuracy: 95%
  • Damage: 5-9
  • Cooldown: 1.4 seconds
  • Stamina Cost: 1
  • Item Effect: Deals +0.5 damage for each debuff stack on your opponent. On attack uses 1 mana to inflict 1 blind.
  • Rarity: Godly

That’s it for how to make the Darksaber in Backpack Battles. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more essential weapon recipes. For now, check out our guides hub here.

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