Baldur’s Gate 3: Top 10 Best Melee Weapons

Here are the best melee weapons in Baldur's Gate 3, including tips on how to get them all.

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There are over 100 different weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3. They include ranged and melee armaments, while some combine both of those types. It depends on your specific class and subclass as to how these will serve you best, as well as your particular playstyle and build. But our Top 10 best melee weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 will help you make a decision, describing their strongest features and including tips on how to get each of them.

Top 10 Best Melee Weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3


  • Type: Warhammer
  • Damage: Bludgeoning (1d10+1)
  • How to get Faithbreaker: It drops from the Dror Ragzlin boss, who can be found at the Shattered Sanctum in the Goblin Camp during the “Act I: Raid the Grove” mission.

Faithbreaker can be used both as a one-handed and two-handed weapon. What makes it special is the Absolute Power ability, which allows you to push even the heaviest enemies that are typically immune to knockbacks. On top of that, if the push is successful, the damage is automatically increased. Faithbreaker also unlocks the following proficiencies: Backbreaker, Concussive Smash, and Weakening Strike. But it requires you to have the “Brand of the Absolute” to work properly.

Sword of Justice

  • Type: Two-Handed Sword
  • Damage: Slashing (2d6+1)
  • How to get Sword of Justice: It’s a reward from Anders for completing his “Hunt the Devil” quest during Act I. You can find Anders at The Risen Road.

If you want to focus specifically on the two-handed melee weapons, then the Sword of Justice would be a great choice. What makes it truly unique is its high Concentration stat, which isn’t available on any other weapon of this type. I’d strongly recommend it to Fighters and Battlemasters with the Riposte skill, which benefits from this sword’s Concentration slot, but you can also give it to Abjuration Wizards with the same success rate. This sword grants you Tyr’s Protection, Cleave, Pommel Strike, and Lacerate actions.

Everburn Blade

  • Type: Two-Handed Sword
  • Damage: Slashing (2d6+1+1d4 Fire)
  • How to get Everburn Blade: It drops from Commander Zhalk, who can be found in the Nautiloid during “Act I: Escape the Nautiloid” mission.

This is a great alternative to Sword of Justice, especially if you’re looking for that extra burn damage. It has practically the same stats as Sword of Justice, but it adds the Ever-Burning feature, which deals consistent fire damage. While the Sword of Justice fits specific Concentration and Abjuration builds, the Everburn Blade can be carried and well used by almost any class that has Greatsword Proficiency or Martial Weapon Proficiency.

Intransigent Warhammer

  • Type: Warhammer
  • Damage: Bludgeoning (1d10)
  • How to get Intransingent Warhammer: It’s hidden inside the chest on the Duergar boat, which can be seen on the Ebon Lake of the Underdark.

Speaking of alternatives, here’s a good replacement for Faithbreaker, which you can use either as a one-handed or a two-handed weapon. It’s also a lot easier to get and doesn’t require you to have “Brand of the Absolute.” Intransigent Warhammer’s main power comes from the Impulse Blast feature, which knocks out all the nearby creatures after a single successful kill or critical strike. It also has the Backbreaker, Concussive Smash, and Weakening Strike actions.

Jagged Spear

  • Type: Spear
  • Damage: Piercing (1d8)
  • How to get Jagged Spear: It can be seen on the ground next to Torturer Spike and Liam near Abdirak’s Room in the Shattered Sanctum.

This is an unusual melee weapon with an ever-increasing chance to gain better attack rolls after each missed strike. This means that if you miss your hit, the next one gains an advantage. I wouldn’t recommend this weapon to purely offensive characters, but tanky builds will love it. It also has the Rush Attack, which inflicts Off Balance if you hit your enemy first. Lastly, you can throw the Jagged Spear, making it both a melee and a ranged weapon.

Light of Creation

  • Type: Glaive
  • Damage: Slashing (1d10+1+1d6 Lightning)
  • How to get Light of Creation: It drops from Bernard, a construct who resides inside the Arcane Tower of the Underdark.

Light of Creation is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, but it has one catch: there’s about a 20% chance to Stun its wielder. Fortunately, the Stun effect isn’t particularly negative, but it can get annoying. Still, if you want a really strong weapon, albeit with a small disadvantage, then try to get it as soon as you can. If you have access to the Create Water spell, then you can effectively double the Lightning damage of this glaive.

Shattered Flail

  • Type: Mace
  • Damage: Bludgeoning (1d6+2)
  • How to get Shattered Flail: It drops from the Flind boss, who can be found at the Risen Road during the “Act I: Find the Missing Shipment” quest.

Would you like your weapon to heal you after each attack? Then, equip this mace and be sure to use the Remove Curse spell, as every time it heals you, it also inflicts the Insatiable Hunger effect on the wielder. This status effect requires you to attack frequently, or your character goes mad. Still, it’s a very strong weapon with a very useful healing effect, which would be most fitting for Wizard players.

Shortsword of First Blood

  • Type: Shortsword
  • Damage: Piercing (1d8)
  • How to get Shortsword of First Blood: It spawns randomly on the beach of the Underdark, so be sure to check every corpse up the cliff and around the warp point.

This shortsword is most effective on the first strike, when it deals an additional 1d8 damage to enemies who still have all their hit points intact. Since this is a very light weapon that is focused on Dexterity builds, I specifically suggest Rogue players take a good look at it. It also has the Flourish action, which inflicts Off Balance on enemies.

Sussur Greatsword

  • Type: Greatsword
  • Damage: Slashing (2d6+1)
  • How to get Sussur Greatsword: This is a reward for completing the “Act I: Finish the Masterwork Weapon” mission, which requires you to find the Sussur Bark in the Blighted Village.

All Sussur weapons, including the Sussur Dagger and Sussur Sickle, have the same common effect: they silence enemies on hit. The Silence spell is very effective, but it can be mitigated, while Sussur Greatsword’s attack is guaranteed, so it’s strictly better than the spell. It works every time you successfully hit an enemy, which is encouraging, to say the least.

Sword of Screams

  • Type: Rapier
  • Damage: Piercing (1d8+1d4 Psychic)
  • How to get Sword of Screams: It drops from True Soul Nere, who can be found at the Grymforge during two consecutive Act I missions: “Free True Soul Nere” and “Deliver Nere’s Head”.

The Sword of Screams is a one-handed sword with some of the highest damage output in the game. You can’t get it as early as Faithbreaker or Shattered Flail, but it’s still worth getting later on. Rogue players can greatly benefit from it, as it’s also based on the Dexterity stat and not Strength like most other weapons on our list.

Those are the best melee weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3. Stay tuned for more Baldur’s Gate 3 tips and tricks articles right here.

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