Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Defeat Orin the Red

Get another Netherstone by defeating Orin the Red in Baldur's Gate 3!

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Fighting Orin is quite a different experience when you play as the Dark Urge versus another Origin or custom character. Since this turns it into two different fights, I’ll run through both scenarios. Here’s our guide on how to defeat Orin the Red in Baldur’s Gate 3 as the Dark Urge and as any other character.

How to Defeat Orin the Red in Baldur’s Gate 3

Fighting Orin as the Dark Urge is easier than the other version of the battle, and you’ll face a crucial choice that affects your ending afterwards.

If you’re playing as the Dark Urge, Orin has a grudge against you. Bhaal can only have one Chosen, so she wants to sacrifice you to prove her worth. However, it’s this situation that makes her fight a lot easier compared to playing as another character.

Fighting Orin as the Dark Urge

Playing as the Dark Urge, Orin’s fight is a duel. As long as you don’t use your other party members to help, the cultists won’t assist Orin by giving her endless buffs. From here, you want to stun her as often as possible to skip her turn while dealing as much damage as you can. I had some scrolls of Magic Missile to use here, but as a Warlock, the multiple charges of Eldritch Blast proved helpful as well.

Your companions won’t roll into initiative, so you don’t need to worry about them accidentally contributing to the fight instead of skipping their turn. They’ll be outside the arena, so you just need to leave them alone on the sidelines.

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Fighting Orin When You Aren’t the Dark Urge

If you aren’t the Dark Urge, you’ll have your party members fighting alongside you, but that also means that Orin will have the cultists giving her charges of Unstoppable, a buff that reduces damage taken to 1. If you turn your attention to the cultists, Orin will start buffing them. While neither option is great to deal with, it’s easier to handle Orin with Unstoppable than it is to deal with the buffed cultists.

As such, you’ll want to use attacks with charges to remove her Unstoppable charges, then burst her down as fast as possible before the next round of turns because the cultists will give her more Unstoppable charges. However, without those charges, her AC and health pool aren’t too high, so you can burst her down within a turn or two. Once she’s defeated, deal with the cultists, which is much easier than when Orin is buffing them.

That covers how to defeat Orin the Red in Baldur’s Gate 3, but don’t forget to grab her legendary weapons after you win the fight. If you’re the Dark Urge, you’ll have a crucial choice after this fight as to whether you should accept Bhaal’s gift or reject him. Otherwise, head to our BG3 guides hub for more Act 3 fight guides for bosses like Cazador and Viconia.

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