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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get Rhapsody

Get a stacking buff from Rhapsody in Baldur's Gate 3!

Rhapsody is a Very Rare Dagger that has a stackable buff on it. However, it suffers from bugs much like Woe, where it doesn’t drop or the buffs don’t appear when they should. Despite that, here’s how to get Rhapsody in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How to Get Rhapsody in Baldur’s Gate 3

Rhapsody gives you:

  • +1 to Attack Rolls, Damage, and Spell Save DC for every enemy killed up to a maximum of +3.
  • A chance to inflict Bleeding if you hit an enemy while Hiding or Invisible.

Enter Szarr Palace

First, you need Astarion for “The Pale Elf” quest to get the objective to go to Szarr Palace and face Cazador. You don’t need Astarion with you, but you need to head to the palace. Then, scour the lower level for the Szarr Family Ring from Godey. Afterwards, get the Kozakuran Dictionary from the wardrobe closest to the bed in the room with the necrotic body. These items unlock the enchanted door.

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Fight Cazador

Fight the enemies inside, then find an elevator past the door in the bottom left corner of the room. Ride it into the dungeons, and take your fight to Cazador. Rhapsody and Woe should both drop from Cazador’s body. Even if you shove him off the platform, he returns to the coffin so you won’t lose loot.

Bugs with Rhapsody

However, there are bugs where only one or the other drops. Additionally, the bonuses they have don’t always work properly. I got Woe in my playthrough, but Rhapsody didn’t drop with it. If this happens to you, it seems like the only option is to load an older save and complete the battle a second time, hoping it drops. Otherwise, you might accept the loss and continue through Act 3 without it.

But that covers how to get Rhapsody in Baldur’s Gate 3. Hopefully, a future patch or hotfix addresses the issue of Woe and Rhapsody not consistently dropping. Until then, check our BG3 guides hub for more topics, like how to get Crimson Mischief or how to get Bloodthirst to replace Rhapsody if it didn’t drop for you.

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