Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get the Dawnmaster’s Crest

Here's how to solve the Blood of Lathander ceremonial weapon puzzle in Act 2.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 has tons of hidden side quests to explore throughout its gargantuan playtime. Some will reward you for straying from the beaten path from time to time. While some may feel like busy work, many tie back into the main story in important and interesting ways. Still, others may reward you with a game-changing weapon like the Blood of Lathander. But you need one thing first. Here’s how to get the Dawnmaster’s Crest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to the Dawnmaster’s Crest in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Unlocking one of the most useful weapons in the game won’t be easy, and it’s the farthest thing from the obvious. With that in mind, prepare to do a bit of exploring. The Dawnmaster’s crest puzzle involves finding three weapons and placing them on pedestals.

Ceremonial Weapon Puzzle Solution

First, you need to find a statue. In Rosymorn Monastery, there’s a hidden door on the second floor you must access. If you don’t notice it right away with a perception roll, circling around to the other side of the floor and destroying the wall next to it will allow you access. Once you’re inside, go to the statue to begin the Find the Blood of Lathander questline.

Where to Find the Ceremonial Weapons and Pedestals

Finding the three weapons is fairly easy.

  • Mace: You don’t have to find the specific mace in this quest at all. Any mace will do, so scratch one from the list if you have one. If not, I suggest buying one because this quest is buggy, and it occasionally doesn’t spawn the mace at all.
  • The Ceremonial Warhammer: You’ll find this weapon on the roof. It’s guarded by two eagles, who are relatively tough enemies. But you can talk your way through this if you can talk to animals. If you do fight them, be warned they’ll try and launch you off that roof. Stay close to the middle of the roof.
  • The Ceremonial Battleaxe: This is even tougher to get. It’s behind a locked door, which can be hard to unlock at this point in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s down the roots after the eagle fight. Once inside, you’ll have a battle with a Guardian of Faith. You can’t avoid this one, but it’s only triggered once you step inside the ring.
    • Start the battle by using your most powerful spells from afar and stay out of his range to survive. Use a sacrificial lamb to draw the majority of its attacks. That will free up your party to launch their most powerful spells from a distance. Once it’s dead, the battleaxe will be on the ground.

Take all three weapons and jump across the broken piece of stairs to find a room with three pedestals. Place all three on the correct pedestals. Read the plaque of each to figure out their weapon placement. Important note: you must throw the weapons onto the platforms. There’s no option to place them like in other situations in the game. The correct order will unlock another area where you will find the Dawnmaster’s Crest.

That’s everything there is to know about how to get the Dawnmaster’s Crest in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more tips and guides on BG3, check out our hub here.

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