Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Rescue Mayrina

Learn how to find and rescue Mayrina in Baldur's Gate 3!

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On your way to Auntie Ethel’s home, you’ll stumble across a couple of young men looking for their sister. It’s hard to go anywhere in Faerûn without running into somebody who needs your help. But taking the time to aid these fellows is worth your time. Here’s how to rescue Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Rescue Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3

Knowing how to rescue Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3 means that you’ll have to fight Auntie Ethel in her Hag form. Accepting her offer to help with the Mindflayer Tadpole will make this fight more difficult because you get a Disadvantage when attacking Hags.

Where to Find Mayrina in BG3 Detailed

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Your first step is to speak with Auntie Ethel in The Hollow in Emerald Grove. Tell her everything about the Mindflayer Tadpole in your brain. She’ll invite you to her home, and a quest marker appears on your map. This isn’t required to get the quest to rescue Mayrina. However, grabbing the map marker this way helps you find exactly where to go.

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At this location, you’ll find Mayrina’s brothers arguing with Auntie Ethel and begging her to return their sister. If you take Auntie Ethel’s side, you must kill the men. As such, you might want to consider siding with Mayrina’s brothers, in which case Auntie Ethel will teleport away. Then, head to the second marker on your map that takes you right to Auntie Ethel’s house.

Mayrina Choices: Tell Her About Her Brothers or Say Nothing?

Mayrina is in the house, and you can tell her about her brothers. This prompts Auntie Ethel to grab her and run. If you say nothing about the brothers, Auntie Ethel will teleport Mayrina to a different location. You can then let her take one of your eyes or be hostile toward her. Both options result in her escaping through her fireplace.

How to Save Mayrina from Auntie Ethel in BG3

Interact with the fireplace to stop it from burning and head into the door that’s now opened in the back. I recommend looting her house before this part because she has a lot of potions that can be useful when fighting her. However, once you enter this new area, go down and to the Gnarled Door.

How to Get Through the Gnarled Door

When speaking with the Gnarled Door, keep choosing the chat options until you see an image of the Hag walking through the door.

  • The standard solution to the puzzle is to put on a Whispering Mask from the table to the right and walk through it.
  • However, you’re at risk of having the character who has the mask turning and attacking other party members. This is an easy way to lose health before a fight, and it’s avoidable.
  • Instead, after you see the vision of the Hag walking through, adjust your camera angle to look behind the door, and order your party to move to a spot in the darkness. They’ll simply walk through the door like the Hag did without needing a Whispering Mask at all.

I tried to do this before seeing the vision and wasn’t able to walk through. However, after the vision, I could. I’m not sure if it was a bug, but it seems like the vision is the trigger to go through without the masks.

After fighting some poor souls possessed by Whispering Masks, make your way through a winding area of Noxious Gas. Beyond, you’ll find yourself in front of a cage where Mayrina is being held. This triggers the fight with Auntie Ethel. She’ll set the cage on fire to limit the time you have to save Mayrina. However, you can use Ray of Frost to stop the cage from burning, which gives you more time to fight since Auntie Ethel won’t set it on fire again.

How to Find Mayrina’s Husband

You might think that this is the last part of the quest to save Mayrina — except that it isn’t. Mayrina is actually pretty upset that you helped her because she made a deal with Auntie Ethel to get her husband back. So, your next objective is to find a way to help Mayrina revive her husband. If you go along with this objective as a Paladin, you could become an Oathbreaker for dabbling in Necromancy.

This last part of the quest is pretty simple. In the last room of this strange underground place, you’ll spot a wand called Bitter Divorce. The name “Connor” is written on it. Use the Mushroom Circle to leave the area and find Mayrina by her husband’s coffin.

When you interact with her, you can use the wand to revive Connor, her husband, as a zombie. She’s understandably upset about him being a zombie, but you can tell her that you’ve given her husband back in some form. From here, give her the wand, and she’ll tell you that she’s heading to Baldur’s Gate to find a way to really bring Connor back.

And that’s how to rescue Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s a long questline, but the rewards are worth it. Now, you can check out our BG3 guide hub for topics like how to get Volo’s Ersatz Eye, which is more useful than Auntie Ethel’s eye replacement, or if you should take the Mountain Pass or Underdark (which you can access from the area beneath Auntie Ethel’s house) to Act 2.

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