Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Free Orpheus?

What are the consequences of freeing Orpheus in Baldur's Gate 3?

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Orpheus’ situation isn’t enviable, but it seems like a necessary evil given the battle with the Absolute. Although, you might be tempted to liberate him from his enslavement as a tool of protection. That’s despite the warnings you receive against doing so from characters you may or may not trust. With that conundrum on your hands, should you free Orpheus in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Should You Free Orpheus in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Orpheus is the Prince of Gith, and unlike Vlaakith, he actually has the power to wipe out the Illithid. Freeing Orpheus or not is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in Act 3. That means the consequences for this choice are greater when compared to others. As such, let’s run through both options and the endings that you’ll receive from each choice. You won’t come to this decision until the end of Act 3.

Free Orpheus

If you free Orpheus, you’ll see more of the Githyanki side of the story. Doing so can earn you points with Lae’zel. It can also free Karlach from the Infernal Engine that’s plagued her throughout the game. She can be turned into a Mindflayer instead. Depending on your choices in this section, you or Orpheus could take her place as a Mindflayer. Someone will turn full Illithid with this option.

You could make the Netherbrain battle more difficult with this choice, too. The Emperor won’t be helping and joins with the Netherbrain. However, Orpheus will help you as a Monk and the Gith will fight with you, as well.

Don’t Free Orpheus (Side with the Emperor)

If don’t free Orpheus and side with the Emperor, he’ll hold the Netherbrain long enough to destroy it by assimilating with the monk. This kills Orpheus. Since he’s the Gith’s Prince, they won’t be as helpful in the fight with the Netherbrain. Lae’zel can fight you because of your choice. There isn’t any middle ground option, so you need to choose either the Emperor or Orpheus.

So, should you free Orpheus in Baldur’s Gate 3? It depends on which outcome you prefer. If you don’t want to risk turning into a Mindflayer, you’ll want to choose the Emperor. But if you want to maintain a good relationship with Lae’zel, you’ll want to choose Orpheus. From here, head to our BG3 guide hub for more topics like how to use Divine Intervention or if you should spare Viconia in Act 3.

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