Banner Saga Guide: Crushing Your Enemies in Combat

Fighting enemies can be tough. Check out this guide for a crash course in The Banner Saga.

The Banner Saga released today, so I’m here to offer some help on the combat of the game. By following this basic guide to combat, you will have the knowledge needed to vanquish even the strongest of foes. If you want an explanation of each unit and their postioning, go to my Banner Saga Unit Guide.

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This guide will cover the combat system including:

  • Explanation of combat system
  • Basic combat strategy
Combat System

The combat system in The Banner Saga is simple at first, but it has plenty of depth. The battlefield is set up like a chess board, each side taking turns.

Before the fight begins, you can choose which units you will fight with. You can choose up to six. It is also important to note that the order you put them in from left to right, is the order they will go in battle.

Once you choose who will fight, you enter the battlefield. Before the fight starts, you can choose where each unit will start. Each unit can move a certain number of spaces and attack from different locations, depending on the unit type. Each unit has Willpower, Strength, and Armor.

  • Willpower allows units to add more damage to an attack or use abilities. The only way to replenish willpower is to rest on turns. The gold star in the banner above the unit, displays their willpower.
  • Strength determines a unit’s health and attack. The red part on the right side of the banner, displays a unit’s strength. The higher the number is, the more damage they will do and the longer they will survive. When this number goes down in combat, so will the amount of damage they do.
  • Armor determines how much damage a unit will take. The blue part on the left side of the banner, displays a unit’s armor. The higher the number, the less damage they will take. Doing damage to armor will not damage a unit’s health, but it will make them more vulnerable. It is wise to damage armor first if it is high.

Every time you defeat a unit, you will get one star for your horn. The active unit will gain one willpower for each use of the horn. This cannot go beyond its max.