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Bare Butt Boxing PC Controls Guide

Here are all of the controls for Bare Butt Boxing right now,

To survive the 6-player free-for-all boxing smackdown that is Bare Butt Boxing, it’s good to know the controls before entering a match. There aren’t many to memorize, which keeps this party game easy to pick up and play. In keeping with that simplistic approach, there aren’t any slides, tackles, or headbutts. Just good ol’ fisticuffs — and the ability to throw objects.

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Default PC Controls and Bindings (Mouse and Keyboard)

  • Movement: WASD
  • Dash: Left Shift
  • Jump: Space
  • Left Punch: Left Arrow/LMB
  • Right Punch: Right Arrow/RMB
  • Charged Punch: Hold LMB/RMB
  • Throw: LMB/RMB

PC Gamepad Controls

  • Movement: L-Stick
  • Dash: X/Square
  • Jump: A/X
  • Left Punch: LB or LT/L1 or L2
  • Right Punch: RB or RT/R1 or R2
  • Charged Punch: Hold any shoulder button
  • Throw: Any shoulder button when holding an object

As with Gange Beasts, it’s likely you’ll have the best time playing Bare Butt Boxing with a controller. I know I did. Using a gamepad not only gives you better control over your boxer, but it also makes jumping and dashing a lot easier to pull off. While you can deliver a flurry of blows faster by using a mouse, movement with a controller is much more fluid.

Can You Block in Bare Butt Boxing?

At this point in the game’s Early Access cycle on PC, no. There is no way to block in Bare Butt Boxing.

Can Controls be Remapped?

Unfortunately, no. There is no way to remap or rebind controls

Are There Combos in Bare Butt Boxing?

Likewise, there aren’t any combos in Bare Butt Boxing … per se. Unlike Gang Beasts, BBB is a lot more button-mashy, with many matches I played devolving into smack fests of who can hit who the most and the fastest. You can’t jump and punch an opponent, and neither can you dash and whack them.

The “best” combo I found in my time playing was to quickly and consistently spam the punch buttons one after another to quickly build your Frenzy meter. Freny allows you to wind up a strong punch capable of sending other players flying a great distance, preferably into Goals.

Similarly, though less powerful, the Charged Punch allows you to perform similar action. However, there are two important things to know about this move:

  • A Charged Punch can be interrupted at any point, including during the charging phase.
  • It can only be thrown in one direction.
  • The direction is determined by the way you’re facing when you begin to charge it.
    • This direction cannot be changed unless you stop charging and start again.

Those are the controls for Bare Butt Boxing for now. The party fighting game is currently in Early Access, and things are bound to change. BBB will also be released on consoles, including Nintendo Switch, sometime in 2023. Stay tuned for more.

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