BattleBit Remastered: Best Weapons Tier List

Destroy enemies faster with the help of our tier list guide to the best weapons in BattleBit Remastered.

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There are 39 weapons in BattleBit Remastered, a new massively multiplayer online first-person shooter in Steam. Some of these weapons are available at the start of the game, but most can be unlocked only when you reach a certain level. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapons in BattleBit Remastered, including the levels you unlock them.

BattleBit Remastered: S-Tier Weapons

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  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Damage: 33
  • Unlocked at: Start

The best all-rounder in the game is the AK-74, with some of the highest TTK (time-to-kill). You could make it much better with the heavy barrel attachment, which increases the kill speed even further, allowing you to kill an enemy with only 3 shots instead of 4.

The only drawback of the heavy barrel is that it increases the recoil, but only slightly. If you’re sensitive to recoil during your gameplay, then opt for the AK-15, which can be unlocked at Level 15.


  • Type: Sniper Rifle
  • Damage: 70
  • Unlocked at: Level 100

The best sniper rifle in the game is none other than the M200, which has the best accuracy and damage. Many players may not know this, but the M200 also has the highest muzzle velocity in the game, making it reach the target much faster than any other weapon of this class.

If you want to find a single drawback in this weapon, then that would be its magazine capacity, which only has 7 bullets instead of the standard 10 in other sniper rifles.

Kriss Vector

  • Type: SMG
  • Damage: 24
  • Unlocked at: Level 70

Although Vector has been nerfed since the Open Beta, it’s still one of the top weapons in the game. It has a TTK of 0.200 and a massive fire rate of 1,200. It’s the damage and the spread that have been primarily nerfed, but not by much.

If you like spraying enemies with bullets at close range, then this is still one of, if not the best, options in BattleBit Remastered.

BattleBit Remastered: A-Tier Weapons

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  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Damage: 42
  • Unlocked at: Level 140

FAL has higher damage than the AK-74, but you can unlock this gun only at Level 140, while the AK-74 is available at the start of the game. It also has a wider recoil, which requires you to equip it with a grip that suppresses both vertical and horizontal recoils.

Once that’s done, FAL will serve you well at midrange with some of the fastest TTK in the game, which is only a tad slower than the AK-15.


  • Type: SMG
  • Damage: 23
  • Unlocked at: Start

If you don’t appreciate all the nerfs of the Vector SMG, then I’d strongly suggest going either for MP7 or its older brother MP5. Although the MP7 has a slow muzzle velocity, it’s overall TTK is one of the best in the game.

Also, don’t worry about not getting the MP5, as in many respects it’s not as good as the MP7. On top of that, you’d have to reach Level 90 to unlock MP5.


  • Type: Personal Defense Weapon
  • Damage: 28
  • Unlocked at: Level 125

PDWs serve in a similar fashion as SMGs, but they’re generally slower when it comes to the rate of fire. Although that doesn’t concern P90, which has a firerate higher than most SMGs in the game.

I would recommend equipping it with armor-piercing bullets and a 50-bullet magazine for some really powerful shots. There’s a reason why it’s called the “cheese grater” in the BattleBit community.

BattleBit Remastered: B-Tier Weapons

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  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Damage: 31
  • Unlocked at: Level 135

The HK419 is very similar in stats to the AK-74, which also requires a heavy barrel to function properly. But it’s slightly worse in almost every department compared to the AK-74 although not too much. The biggest problem here is that HK419 needs to be unlocked by reaching Level 135, while the AK-74 is practically a free weapon.


  • Type: Personal Defense Weapon
  • Damage: 27
  • Unlocked at: Level 55

Groza is a solid PDW, but it’s so loud that I strongly urge you to add any suppressor to the mix just to keep its noise level down. You could also attach a short-range sight for better accuracy. On top of that, you’ll need to reach Level 55 to be able to play it, and it may take a while before that happens.


  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Damage: 30
  • Unlocked at: Start

M4A1 is a free alternative to AK-74, but as is the case with HK419, almost all of its stats are slightly worse. You could go with a ton of attachments, such as a red dot, a short-range suppressor, a side rail, and others, to make it work on par with the AK-74. But the only class that would opt for such a configuration is Engineer, while the AK-74 can be used by everyone in the same capacity.

Those are the best weapons in BattleBit Remastered. Stay tuned for more BattleBit Remastered tips and tricks articles right here.

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