Check this guide for all the info and tips on the Battleborn versus modes!

Battleborn Guide: Versus Modes Info and Tips

Check this guide for all the info and tips on the Battleborn versus modes!
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Battleborn has multiple versus modes in addition to the story modes. Each game mode has a specific objective, multiple things you can do, and is not just about killing enemy players.

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There can be a lot involved and it is not always clear where to go or what to do in each game mode. I’m going to help by explaining each one and offering tips to give you a better chance at winning.

This guide will go over everything about the versus modes in Battleborn including:

  • Versus Modes Info – Each versus mode and the objective of each one.
  • Versus Modes Tips – Tips on playing each mode.

Versus Modes Info

There are currently 3 modes in Battleborn: Capture, Incursion, and Meltdown.


Battleborn Capture mode

This is the classic “capture the zones” game mode. There are 3 zones in each map and you only get points when you hold zones. You get more points if you hold multiple zones, and the first team to reach 1000 points wins.

There are also Valresi enemies on the field that you can kill for experience, though they don’t add to your overall team’s score.

  • Capture 2 points and defend them, always
    • There is nothing more important and so many teams don’t do this. There are 3 points, so holding 2 of them wins the game. Always. It is simple math.
  • Kill NPC enemies to level up faster
    • Even though you don’t increase your score, you get experience points.
  • The top screen shows helpful match info
    • It will show how many points your team captured, green is your team and red is the enemy team.
    • It will also show you how long a team has before they win. This changes as zones are captured and lost.
    • Sometimes a team will have such a huge lead that you must capture and hold all 3 points for a while.
  • Always have at least 2 people defending an objective
    • There are times when you may need most of your team to take a point, but otherwise you should defend what you have.
  • Make 1 person scout the zones and the enemy
    • This lets you know how many enemies are going to a certain location and which zone is easiest to take over.


Battleborn Incursion mode

This is probably the most involved of the game modes. Each team has 2 sentry spider bots. To win, you must destroy both, or do the most damage to them when time runs out. The screen shows 100 health for each side. The first sentry dies at 50 health.

You must take down the sentry’s shield before you can damage its health. There are also buildables on the field such as turrets, shields, and health. You can also summon bigger minions and capture areas on the map that spawn 2 huge minions.

  • Escort minions to the sentries
    • These sentries do a lot of damage and have shields, so it is best to escort your A.I. minions to the sentry before attacking.
  • Save shards to build and summon things
    • Capture the huge minion zones, summoning more minions, and building the turrets can really turn the tide and give you the extra push you need to win.
  • Keep your momentum and push hard after killing multiple enemy players
    • This game can become one-sided quickly and it’s hard to push past your own sentry when the enemy gets close.
    • Take advantage of every opportunity to push towards their sentry.
  • Kill enemy minions
    • Though you don’t need to to score, minions can help take sentry shields down and they stop your own minions from advancing.


Battleborn Meltdown mode

This game mode is all about the minions. There are 2 lanes you can go down and each one has an altar to sacrifice your minions. You gain points for each enemy sacrifice and that’s the only way you gain points.

At 250 points, the altars move closer to the enemy base, so you have to escort them for a longer distance. The first team to reach 500 points, or the highest score when time runs out, wins.

  • Kill enemy minions
    • The important thing you can do in this game mode is kill enemy minions since that is the only way to score.
  • Build turrets and shields
    • The turrets can help kill enemy minions, and even players, if you aren’t in the lane. The shields slow down enemies and restore your own shields.
  • Keep an eye on the map and where the minions are going
    • The shield icons are your minions and the skulls are enemy minions.
    • You want to make sure you always know where your minions are and if they are in trouble.
  • Take out the turrets in the middle and towards enemy bases
    • There are often turrets set up that will kill minions as they go by, so make sure you take them out.

That’s all for my guide on Battleborn versus modes. Let me know if you have any questions!

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