Battlefield 1 Medic Class Guide

Learn how to effectively use the Medic class in this quick guide to Battlefield 1.

Learn how to effectively use the Medic class in this quick guide to Battlefield 1.
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If you’ve had experience with Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline, then you will notice that the Medic class in Battlefield 1 plays a slightly different role than in previous titles. Before, the medic has always been present in the frontline of the battle — but this time the tactics have changed.

This quick guide will introduce you to the peculiarities of the Medic class in Battlefield 1, so you have a clear idea of what to expect.

Using your weapons and gadgets

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Medics in Battlefield 1 need to stay behind the frontline and assist those who are in trouble.

Your primary weapons are semi-automatic rifles, such as Cei-Rigotti and Mauser, which are perfect for a midrange combat, but don’t work too well in short or long range.

So, there is no point for you to go all into the heart of the battle. On the contrary, you should stay behind and use your Bandages to heal up and Syringes to revive your teammates. Fortunately, the developers have now added the ability for them to call you up if they get low on health.

However, be careful with the Syringes on your teammates, as there is a danger of overdose. Alternatively, you can do this on the enemies and kill them right away.

As you see, the role of Medic in Battlefield 1 is limited due to the absence of some other powerful types of weapons, as it was the case in Battlefield 4.

Using additional equipment

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Medics also have access to the Rifle Grenades that can be attached to one of your rifles and shot as a missile. This can be used for destroying some obstacles on the way using the High Explosive types, or dealing with huge crowds of enemies with the help of Frags or Smokes.

Another thing that Medics can accomplish is repairing vehicles. But first, in order to do this you need to get inside the vehicle. Apart from that, Medics should always be on the tips of their toes, as it is important to know how to avoid damage and provide help for others.

This is all that there is to medic class, and just keep in mind that killing enemies isn’t your priority, so don’t put yourself into an unnecessary danger. You will be more valuable, if you stay alive.

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