Battlefield 1 Support Class Guide

Learn how to effectively use the Support class in this quick guide to Battlefield 1.

Learn how to effectively use the Support class in this quick guide to Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 has finally managed to create a solid Support class for players who want to help their teammates move forward without any obstacles. This class is just as important as an Assault one, and it requires a thoughtful approach.

This quick guide will introduce you to the main tactics that can be successfully used by the Support players in Battlefield 1.

Support weapons and gadgets

You will have access to some very useful LMGs (light machine guns) that are perfect for clearing out enemy lines in the long range. This means that your role requires you to purge any obstacle that stands on the path of your teammates.

That is why Support class should be mostly used in the open areas and constantly showering enemies with their bullets. There is also a slight similarity with the Medic class here, but instead of healing and reviving your teammates, the Support class provides them with Ammo Crates and Ammo Packs.

Support players will be especially useful in the Rush mode, when you are given a task to protect a certain point from the enemy attacks. This is where you can use your Mortar – a heavy deployable explosives launcher.

If you need to get rid of an enemy vehicle without too much fuss, then use a Limpet Charge, which is a small explosive that can be attached to a vehicle or any other object. It will detonate as soon as the timer goes off.

Communication is the key

In order to be effective, all Support players should communicate using a headset with microphone. In this way you can keep in check with all the positions of your teammates on the map and keep track of their movements and actions.

The lack of communication between players may quickly turn into a catastrophe for your team, as you need to react to their requests as quickly as possible. One of the biggest downsides of not knowing your partners’ situations is inability to provide them with ammo in time, and thus leaving your teammates completely vulnerable.

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