If you're getting the "Unable to Load Persistence Data" error message in Battlefield 2042, then follow our guide for a possible fix.

Battlefield 2042: Unable to Load Persistence Data Error Potential Fix

If you're getting the "Unable to Load Persistence Data" error message in Battlefield 2042, then follow our guide for a possible fix.

If you’re running into the unable to load persistence data error in Battlefield 2042, you aren’t alone. BF 2042 has had many (many) issues at and after launch, and most of those bugs are in one way or another connected with servers problems. One of the most common errors that players have been experiencing since launch deals with both servers and parts of the game’s multiplayer suite.

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This Battlefield 2042 guide will provide you with the only possible fix for the “Unable to Load Persistence Data” error. And even that may not work depending on various factors.

It is currently known that this error is caused by either the servers or the game’s crossplay functionality, which is yet to be fixed by the developer.

How to Potentially Fix the Unable to Load Persistence Data Error in Battlefield 2042

EA has just released a new patch for Battlefield 2042, fixing a good deal of the game’s issues. But it looks like the “Unable to Load Persistence Data” error is still occurring for many players, forcing them out of multiplayer sessions.

Before trying the following method for potentially fixing this bug, first check out the Battlefield 2042 server status webpages:

If the error statuses of the servers are high, then the following fix will probably not help at all. 

The main cause for the “Unable to Load Persistence Data” bug besides server issues is Battlefield 2042‘s cross-platform play. To test and see if the instance you’re running into is, in fact, server-related, turn off crossplay

  1. Go to the game’s main screen
  2. Click on the “Options” menu
  3. Select the “General” tab
  4. Go to the “Other” section
  5. Toggle off the “Crossplay” feature

If the game still shows you the same error message, even after disabling crossplay, then just keep trying to start the game until it lets you into the matchmaking.

Of course, you could always try restarting the game and rebooting your PC or console if you’re met with “unable to load persistence data.” But that likely won’t help things considering where the problem lies.

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That’s all you need to know about the “Unable to Load Persistence Data” bug in Battlefield 2042. This isn’t a definitive fix for the error code since it’s related to server capacity. It will be, er, persistent until EA adds servers or traffic dies down. If you’re looking for more guides in Battlefield 2042, then check out our dedicated hub page.

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