Battlefield 4 Crash Fix Guide

Battlefield 4 fixes that could potentially save you a lot of frustration!

Battlefield 4 fixes that could potentially save you a lot of frustration!

Since its release, Battlefield 4 has felt like a rushed game. I know that many players have said that the Beta was better than the final version of the game. With crashes, campaign bugs, and loss of rewards the claims are not very far from the truth. 

Although there are no sure-fire ways of fixing all the problems with Battlefield 4, there are a few ways to handle the situation and reduce the number of crashes you experience. This list of fixes relates to the PC version of the game because I do not have access to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 versions. If you have any suggestions for console players please comment below! This is a list of things to check before you give up playing for good! To find more guides for Battlefield 4 go to ChizeloffdaBlock’s Guide List.


Who knew good ol’ Internet Explorer could fix something these days!

Some players have been experiencing trouble when it comes to using Google Chrome or Firefox. In order to potentially fix your game, you might want to try running Internet Explorer. For some unknown reason Internet Explorer has been allowing players to play the game without any trouble. If you even have the web browser on your computer anymore and haven’t switched to Chrome or Firefox, you will be in luck. But for those of you who don’t use Internet Explorer I would still be a little hesitant. Although Battlefield 4 might work, you will also open your computer up to potential risks and viruses. 

Video Card Optimization

Normally I wouldn’t say that it is best to use your video card’s standard settings for any game. The whole point of a PC is to be able to customize to your needs and desires, but with Battlefield 4–as it stands–you will want to change your settings. 

The easy way to do that is to just go into your video card settings and there will be an optimization button for you to click. Once those settings are changed try out the game–I’m betting the crashing will dramatically decrease and you might even see a change in the number of times your match freezes up. 

The New Windows Update

Even if you are hesitant, like I am, of updating to Windows 8.1, it actually improves your experience. You can update to the new version of Windows for free, if you are already running Windows 8, at the Windows Store. 

Applications Running in the Background 

A big factor in Battlefield 4’s freezing and crash issues is the use of any and all programs you might have running in the background. For example, I have the Raptr app for my computer and any time I had it running as I was playing Battlefield, I found my game crashing 9 out of 10 times–and this is on a good machine. 

So if you want to play and you are having problems, you’ll need to close all of those programs. Most of the time the programs you need to worry about will be at the bottom right of your desktop in the little white arrow menu. Close all of those programs and check to see if you experience any improvements in game quality

I wish it didn’t come down to having to completely change and switch around my settings in order to play a game, but it does. Battlefield 4 will be such a great game once DICE and EA get all the rough edges sorted.

Do you think it’s too late to fix it? Will you go through the hassle of beating the game a second time around or is Battlefield 4 just a lost cause?

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