You can unlock the level 15 Job level cap in Bravely Default 2 by finding portals and completing the seven Halls of Tribulation fights. Here are their locations.

Bavely Default 2 Halls of Tribulation Locations: How to Unlock Job Level 15

You can unlock the level 15 Job level cap in Bravely Default 2 by finding portals and completing the seven Halls of Tribulation fights. Here are their locations.

The initial max Jobs level you can achieve in Bravely Default 2 is Level 12. However, once you reach Chapter 6, you receive a notice that portals have opened up throughout various areas of the game. After receiving the notice, a new Level 15 cap becomes available for the Freelancer class, and you find that each of these portals leads to a Halls of Tribulation location.

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There are seven portals/Halls of Tribulation in the game. To help you reach the new Level 15 cap, these locations contain difficult fights against bosses you’ve previously faced in the game.

Beating each big-bad the Halls of Tribulation will not only raise your respective Job level cap from 12 to 15 but also provide you with access to even stronger skills and abilities. Each Hall is numbered, but you’re welcome to do them in any order you like. Here are their locations and some general tips for each fight, numbered simply for the sake of consistency. 

Every Halls of Tribulation Portal Location in Bravely Default 2

Halls of Tribulation Portal 1

This portal is located outside of Halcyonia. Go through the back exit towards Holograd. You will find it amongst some rocks and trees to the right of the path. For the portal to activate, you will need to have unlocked the Bravebearer Job.

In this Halls of Tribulation location, you’ll be fighting:

  • Sloan (Bravebearer)
  • Emma (Black Mage)
  • Lonsdale (Bastion)

As one of the harder fights in the game, you’re welcome to save this battle for later if you’d like. But whenever you take it on, you can approach it in two ways: taking on Sloan first (the harder strat) or taking on Emma and Lonsdale first (the easier strat).

Sloan is by far the hardest boss to beat here. He can decimate your party with his attacks while raising the BP of his teammates. On top of that, Sloan has no weaknesses, which makes this fight even tougher if you focus on him first. 

I suggest ignoring Sloan until Emma and Lonsdale are defeated. 

Emma is the most physically weak of the three and can be taken down relatively easily. She is weak to Earth, Light, and Wind, as well as Bows. Take her down and then focus on Lonsdale, who is weak to dark elemental/dark magic attacks like the Arcanist’s Darkga and Doomsday.

After that, dish out as much damage as you can to beat Sloan now that his teammates are out of the picture.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 2

Another portal leading to a Halls of Tribulation location can be found near Halcyonia, as well. It is towards the east, in a cliff face near some water.

Here, you’ll be fighting:

  • Anihal (Beastmaster)
  • Orpheus (Bard)
  • Shirley (Gambler)
  • Bernard (Thief)

Orpheus can buff his teammates, so take him out ASAP. He’s also the frailest, making the job easier. Bernard can be problematic because he can steal MP and BP from you. He is weak to Light and axes.

You can take him on next if you’d like. However, Shirley and Anihal have lower HP values than Bernard, so it may be beneficial to take those two out first so they don’t bother you.

Shirley is weak to lightning elemental attacks, while Anihal is weak to Earth elemental attacks and Sword attacks.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 3

This portal/Halls of Tribulation location is near Savalon, towards the northeast reaching out into the ocean.

Here, you’ll be fighting:

  • Glenn (Salvemaker)
  • Galahad (Shieldmaster)
  • Gladys (Swordmaster)

Prioritize getting rid of Glenn and Galahad first. Galahad has an ability that allows him to take hits meant for his teammates when their HP is low, while Glenn can revive Galahad and Gladys if they go down. 

To beat them, make sure that both Glenn and Galahad are low on HP. Then knock Galahad out first, followed by Glenn in quick succession so he doesn’t try to revive Galahad. After Glenn is down, focus on Gladys.

Glenn is weak to lightning elemental and spear attacks, while Galahad is weak to Holy and rods attacks. Gladys is weak to earth elemental and bow attacks.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 4

The portal and entrance to this Hall of Tribulation is located near Wiswald, to the northeast along the coast. South of the bay, you’ll find it along a cliff face. 

Here, you’ll fight:

  • Martha (Dragoon)
  • Helio (Spiritmaster)
  • Domenic (Oracle)

Focus on Helio first since he can heal his teammates.

Both Helio and Domenic are weak to dark elemental attacks, so use that to your advantage. You want to take both of them out first because it’s best to focus your full attention on Martha, who is weak to fire and elemental attacks.

Since Martha starts the battle already in the air, she’ll frequently come down to assault your entire party with devastating attacks. As the battle progresses, she’ll start jumping more often, and you’ll want to be rid of Dominic and Helio to dodge her attacks.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 5

This one is near Rimedhal, towards the east. Like many of the others, it is also along the coastline.

Here, you’ll fight:

  • Castor (Berserker)
  • Folie (Pictomancer)
  • Viginitio (Arcanist)

This fight is strange because it includes Castor (arguably the hardest boss in Bravely Default 2) paired with Folie, who is the game’s biggest pushover. 

Though you may be tempted to go after Folie first, I recommend taking out Viginitio first since he can still hit your party with a wide array of elemental attacks. He’s weak to Holy attacks and spears, but any physical attacks will do the job. Moves like the Freelancer’s Body Slam and the Thief’s Godspeed Strike are very good against him. 

You should focus on Folie second. She is weak to water elemental attacks and daggers. She doesn’t do much damage, even if she inflicts Daub on your party, so she should fall relatively easily.

After those two are gone, focus on Castor. Just like in the main game, he’s a physical-attack monster. Make sure to heal your party to full HP every chance you get. He is weak to lightning elemental and bow attacks.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 6

This portal is also located near Rimedhal. However, it is to the west, also along the coastline.

Here you’ll fight:

  • Adam (Hellblade)
  • Marla (Phantom)
  • Morton (Monk)

Focus on taking out Morton first, who is weak to darkness elemental and sword attacks. Then focus on Marla, who has a high evasion. Have a Bard use the “Won’t Be Missing You” buff to increase your party’s accuracy and land hits on her. She’s weak to holy elemental and spear attacks.

Adam is the biggest problem here but should be manageable once Morton and Marla are down. His weaknesses include wind elemental and axe attacks.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 7

This one is the only one located near Holograd. It is located on the western coast.

In this Halls location, you’ll fight:

  • Roddy (Red Mage)
  • Dag (Vanguard)
  • Selene (White Mage)
  • Lily (Ranger).

Personally, I found this fight to be the most difficult of them all.

Both Roddy and Selene can heal their teammates, so it’s imperative that you take them out first, with Selene being the priority of the two.

However, a big issue is that Dag can enrage your party members, forcing your attacks to focus on him instead of his teammates, thus dragging out the battle. Another problem is that Lily can hit fairly hard. If she counters or stacks her BP, she can wipe your party. Additionally, she can use Shadowbind and ensnare your party members, making their turns come around slower.

Selene is weak to dark elemental and sword attacks, while Roddy is weak to spears. Lily is weak to holy elemental, rod, and sword attacks, while Dag is weak to lightning elemental and rod attacks.

And those are all seven Halls of Tribulation portals in Bravely Default 2. After defeating them, you’ll unlock the Level 15 cap for your Jobs. For more tips articles and walkthroughs on Square’s latest in the Bravely Default series, consider heading over to our primary BD2 guides page!

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