Hacked Pokemon isn't new to Pokemon Sun & Moon, but it does have a BIG impact on competitive play.

Be Prepared for Hacking in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Hacked Pokemon isn't new to Pokemon Sun & Moon, but it does have a BIG impact on competitive play.
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Many people who have played the Pokemon series for a long time know that there are hacked Pokemon, especially if you play online. This is not new, but it doesn’t look like it will change in Sun and Moon.

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What Does Hacking Pokemon Do?

A popular cheat editor, which I will not name here, has been updated for Sun and Moon. It allows you to edit your saves and Pokemon. You can edit a Pokemon’s stats, moves, make them shiny and even boost the new Hyper Training.

pokemon sun and moon hyper training

This means that people can get Pokemon they wouldn’t normally get, or the perfect Pokemon without putting in the time to do it normally. Want to make a team of perfect stats Pokemon? You can do that.

The worst part is that they seem to be able to be passed off as legit, meaning they can be circulated and used online.

Why Is Hacking a Problem? 

Many people think this is not a problem. Who cares if a Pokemon is legit or not? Free shiny Pokemon are great, right?

The problem is that there is a multiplayer and a competitive scene for Pokemon. Sure, if you go to an official tournament, they will most likely be able to tell the Pokemon is fake. But outside of that arena, this hurts the online play in the games.

If people can edit their Pokemon however they want, that’s not fair to the people that don’t. You might go up against an amazing team and you just can’t compete because they were edited.

Stats aren’t everything, but if you give that to someone who knows a lot about competitive Pokemon, there are issues.

Many people seem to forget that there are a lot of players that actually enjoy the competitive scene in the games. This just hurts that, and discourages online play.

Also, what’s stopping people from using hacked Pokemon to breed legit Pokemon? Unless there is a way to show that the parents were hacked Pokemon, this makes the “illegally” bred Pokemon technically legit.

I’m not here to tell you cheating is wrong if you just want to get Pokemon (or some shinies) you can’t get normally. I am just trying to make people aware that there is more to Pokemon than single player, and this type of behavior is frustrating to those that want to play online normally.

Again, this isn’t new in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but some people may not be aware of it. In the end, hopefully it won’t affect those that play online. Just don’t be surprised if you see or receive a hacked Pokemon.

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