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If you’re anything like me, I want to be the best at every game I play. Whether it be spending grueling hours on research, or religiously watching pros stream, the drive to get better is something every gamer can relate to. Here I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions I see on multiple forum sites for Heathstone.

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Is there a level cap for each class? What do I get for each level?

Yes! Right now the level cap is 60. By reaching level 10 you unlock every available starter, or “basic,” card. Every other class-specific card must be unlocked through packs or crafted with arcane dust. You do, however, receive a soulbound, golden version of one class-specific basic card past 20. Past level 50 you start receiving golden neutral monsters.

How many decks can I have per class?

As many as your heart desires, there is no restriction saying you can only have 1 deck per class. In fact, you can fill up all 9 available deck slots with different Mage decks if that’s your thing. 

What’s the difference between aggro and rush?

This depends solely on who you’re talking to. I’ve always thought they were the same thing – decks meant on winning as fast as possible (hence “rush”). However, aggro decks are less “defenseless” than rush decks, and are a touch more balanced than being hell-bent on attacking your opponent’s face.

How do I make my own ranked deck?

Very easily, my friend. While I’d suggest using resources such as HearthPwn or IcyVeins for deck ideas first, clicking on “My Collection” in the main menu bring you to the gigantic binder of your collected cards. Clicking the “New Deck” rectangle in the top right corner will let you choose 30 cards to sculpt your ranked weapon.  

How do I get more cards?!

There are three ways. The first, and easiest, is to choose “Shop” in the lower left corner of your main menu. This is where you spend all of your real-life money to open as many packs as you’d like. The second option is to spend 100g for 1 pack. You can collect gold by doing the daily quests, grinding play mode, or playing arena. Which brings me to my next, and longest, option – arena! Costing 150g to enter, you craft a deck on the spot and upon losing 3 times are granted a pack to open and prizes coinciding with how well your arena run went. which brings me to… 

What is this arena thing? 

For 30 turns you are shown 3 random cards which you are only allowed to pick 1 of to go into a new deck. Once you craft your arena deck, you will play opponents based on your current score (ie: 2 wins, 0 losses). The win-cap is 12, and the lose-cap is 3. Once you lose 3 games, you’re out! Your prizes at the end are based on how well you did, and normally include gold, random cards, and/or arcane dust. Each arena run will give you 1 pack, and has a higher percentage of containing a legendary card the higher up the ladder you climbed. 

If I spend real money, will I lose it once the game exits beta? 

Nope! Blizzard released a statement ensuring that all in-game purchases will be carried over.  

I’m scared to play ranked. Will it hurt me if I try and lose?

It sure won’t! Blizzard has implemented a sturdy ranked design complete without that pesky MMR stuff (an unspoken win/lose ratio attached to your account). Each player starts at level 25, and must win 2 games in each level to move on to the next. Players can win and lose as much as he/she wants from levels 25-20 without penalty. Once you hit level 20, however, you can start dropping down in rank when you lose. The amount of wins per level necessary to advance also increases by 1 as you climb every 5 levels.  

I heard about some “secret, hidden quests.” What are they?

You can find them all in the Hearthstone quest wiki, right here

Now you’re ready to begin your Hearthstone experience ladies and gentlemen. If you’re still having trouble, you can head over to my beginner’s guide, or ask me questions in the comments! 

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