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Bellwright Mods for Better Gameplay

Here are the best Bellwright mods for a better gameplay experience.

Bellwright mods are the best way to customize your gameplay experience outside of official content. You can tweak quality-of-life elements and certain game mechanics so that you can enjoy the game better. Here are the best Bellwright Mods for better gameplay.

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Best Bellwright Mods for Improved Gameplay

Before we dive into the list, I would just make sure you have Joew’s Bellwright Mods Unlocker installed. Unlike Console Commands, mods need to bypass Bellwright’s protection software in order to work, and this mod does just that. All it takes to install is extracting the zip file you download to your Bellwright installation directory. With that done, let’s begin with the best Bellwright mods list.

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Inventory Expansion Mods

There are a few great mods for Bellwright that improve your overall experience by removing pesky inventory limits. The best ones are:

All three of these modify various aspects of your inventory to increase slots so you don’t constantly have to micromanage storage. They don’t really break immersion, they just make farming or using a bow less tedious at times.

Always Drop Ores

The Always Drop Ores mod from creator AikoShayz is a quality-of-life tweak to harvesting in its base version that makes it so that every hit with a pickaxe gives you a stack of ore. Note that this also works with villagers, and it’s not just ores like Iron, it works with stone, too. I prefer the base version of this mod, but if you want to delve into higher exploit territory, you can increase the harvested ores to x2 or x4.

Better Villagers

TheDarknessKitten created two complimentary mods for better villagers called Easier Recruitment and Higher Potential. In terms of recruitment mod, you’ll no longer need to pay the base cost for every villager, the required trust tier will be lowered, and a lot more. As for the Higher Potential mod, villagers will have a higher maximum potential skill level so that even Beggars can shine. Both make the Villager recruitment and management process much more enjoyable.

Food Lasts Longer

The better food mod by AikoShayz makes it so that food lasts much longer and doesn’t spoil. To be precise, cooked food duration will now be 24 hours and you can also optimally disable the spoiling mechanic. If worrying about food isn’t something you want to deal with, then this mod is for you.

No Fast Travel Limit

The No Sign Restrictions mod by GrimShays allows you to place Fast Travel signs anywhere in the world except towns. I would say this is my favorite mod simply because sometimes you want to place a sign in a location where you want to farm a material, but it’s near a road. No more tedious walks when you just want to get something done quickly and move on to other more exciting aspects of the game.

Those are some of the best Bellwright mods for improved gameplay. For more Bellwright guides, check out our Wheat guide.

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