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Bellwright Wheat Guide: How to Grow and Find Wheat Seeds

Here's how to grow and find Wheat Seeds in Bellwright.

Getting a reliable inflow of Wheat is a huge economic part of the early game in Bellwright. That said, it’ll require some daring as you’ll need to steal some wheat to jump-start your Wheat production. Here’s how to grow Wheat and find Wheat Seeds in Bellwright.

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How to Grow and Find Wheat Seeds in Bellwright

In Bellwright, Wheat is one of the more important resources. You can produce Wheat Seeds and grow your own Wheat via the Thresher, but first, you need to get some Wheat for research in the Wheat Fields south of Padstow. This is a town south of Haerndean. The Wheat Fields are the only way to get Wheat in the beginning, so set up a Fast Travel point near there for ease of access. I would be extra careful when approaching the Wheat Fields since the area is heavily guarded. You need to ideally go to a part of the farm where you can harvest Wheat without anyone seeing you.

After I snuck in, I grabbed as much Wheat as I could carry and got out once my inventory was full, but you should also run if you alarm the guards. You need at least 5 Wheat to have enough for research purposes so you can build a Thresher and start growing your own wheat. I would still get more than 5 if you can since we’ll need some for crafting Grains (Wheat Seeds) and Straw.

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From here, simply research and build a Thresher. Now you can make Straw and Grains from the Wheat you gathered, and then you can plant the Grains for more Wheat. You’ll need Farming 3 for Straw and Crafting 1 for Grains. In terms of Straw, either you or someone from a village should have Farming 3 because you need Straw for a Thatch roof for your main village building for higher Tiers.

That’s it for my Bellwright Wheat guide on how to grow and find Wheat Seeds. For more Bellwright guides, check out all Iron locations.

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