10 Best Armor Trims in Minecraft 1.20

Give your character the most unique look with the help of our guide to the best Armor Trims in Minecraft.

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There are 16 Armor Trims in Minecraft 1.20 that allow players to apply special patterns to their armor sets using smithing templates. These trims don’t add any stats to the armor but simply serve as cosmetic upgrades. There’s also the Netherite Upgrade, which can be applied only to diamond armor. Our guide will show you the 10 best Armor Trims in Minecraft 1.20, including tips on how to get them.

Minecraft 1.20: 10 Best Armor Trims

Minecraft Best Armor Trim 1: Silence

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Silence Armor Trim isn’t only the most vivid of all other trims in the game, but it’s also the rarest one. You can find such a template only in the chests inside the Ancient Cities, and that chance is extremely low at only 1.2%. Still, I’d give it a shot, as not that many people will have it at first.

Minecraft Best Armor Trim 2: Ward

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Ward Armor Trim has the pattern of the Warden mob that roams the Ancient Cities. Just like the Silence trim, this one can also be found only inside the chests at the Ancient Cities. But this time, the chance is a bit higher at 5%.

Minecraft Best Armor Trim 3: Spire

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This armor trim is designed after the End Portals, which can be found inside the End Cities. I had to find the stronghold first with the End portal, which would let me into the End. Then, you can start searching the chests for the Spire Armor Trim, which has a 6.7% chance to spawn.

Minecraft Best Armor Trim 4: Rib

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If the End doesn’t look like a close perspective to you, then I’d try to get the Rib Armor Trim instead. But you’ll need to travel to the Nether using the ruined portal. Once you’re there, search for the Nether Fortress. One of the chests will have a 6.7% chance generating this template.

Minecraft Best Armor Trim 5: Snout

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If you’ve been able to enter the Nether but had no luck finding the fortress, then the best alternative would be Bastion Remnant structures. There, you can find a Snout trim with an 8.3% chance in one of the following chests:

  • Hoglin stable chest
  • Generic chest
  • Treasure chest
  • Bridge chest

Minecraft Best Armor Trim 6: Wayfinder

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Have you tried using the new Brush tool on the Suspicious Sand blocks? I highly recommend this, as you’ll be able to extract the Wayfinder Armor Trim this way from the Trail Ruins. The chance of finding this template is 8.3%, but I was also able to find some Sniffer Eggs while brushing the sand blocks.

Minecraft Best Armor Trim 7: Dune

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All the Armor Trims listed above are considered rare. So it’s understandable if you weren’t able to get them yet. If you’re not looking for anything exclusive but just want a fun pattern for your armor, then try searching Desert Temples. You’ll find this template sooner rather than later in one of the chests, with a 14.3% chance.

Minecraft Best Armor Trim 8: Coast

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There’s also a pretty high chance to get the Coast armor, which can be found inside top-tier Shipwrecks. You can get it with a 16.7% chance from one of the following chests:

  • Treasure chest
  • Map chest
  • Supply chest

Minecraft Best Armor Trim 9: Sentry

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This is my personal favorite Armor Trim in Minecraft. It strongly resembles the armor of the Crusader warriors. What I also like about it is that you can get it with a 25% chance from the Pillager Outpost chests. On top of that, you’ll most likely get two Sentry trims at once, which can be duplicated at the crafting table. As a result, you’ll be able to upgrade all four pieces of your armor in one go.

Minecraft Best Armor Trim 10: Wild

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The last Armor Trim on our list is the Wild armor, which can be obtained from the Jungle Temple chests. It’s a simple template that drops with a 33% chance. All other armors aren’t worth getting or are too easy to get, and everyone else will have them for sure.

Those are the 10 best Armor Trims in Minecraft 1.20. Stay tuned for more Minecraft tips and tricks articles right here.

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