Try out some of the best builds for every class in Diablo 4 beta using our comprehensive guide with each skill carefully selected.

Best Builds for Every Class in Diablo 4 Beta

Try out some of the best builds for every class in Diablo 4 beta using our comprehensive guide with each skill carefully selected.

The Diablo 4 beta allows you access to five classes with their own skill trees. The caveat is that you can only reach up to Level 25 during this beta period, while the full game will allow you to reach up to Level 100. Regardless of only having a quarter of character progression unlocked, there’s plenty to do in the Diablo 4 beta.

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Our guide will provide you with the best builds for every class in Diablo 4 beta. Note that you have access to a single skill point after reaching each new level, so invest your skill points wisely. Below you will find a full breakdown of skill points for each level of your chosen class build. We’ve ranked all of the classes here.

Best Builds for Every Class in Diablo 4 Beta

Best Barbarian Build

The Barbarian class utilizes the power of melee weapons to deliver lunging, bashing, or flurry attacks. This build focuses on dealing massive bleed damage in an AoE using his Whirlwind skill, as well as getting devastating final hits in using Death Blow to reset its own cooldown.

  • Basic Skills:
    • Level 2: Flay
    • Level 3: Enhanced Flay
    • Level 4: Battle Flay
  • Core Skills:
    • Levels 5-9: Whirlwind
    • Level 10: Enhanced Whirlwind
    • Level 11: Furious Whirlwind
    • Levels 12-13: Endless Fury
  • Defensive Skills:
    • Level 14: Rallying Cry
  • Brawling Skills:
    • Level 15: Leap
    • Level 16: Enhanced Leap
    • Level 17: Power Leap
  • Weapon Mastery Skills:
    • Levels 18-22: Death Blow
    • Level 23: Enhanced Death Blow
    • Level 24: Warrior’s Death Blow
  • Ultimate Skills:
    • Level 25: Wrath of the Berserker

Best Druid Build

Druid has a rich skill tree full of various shapeshifting forms and magic spells. This Druid build attempts to create balance of all those various forces, including spirits and pet companions. Such skills like Pulverize will let you smash multiple elite enemies at once, while your wolf companions can take care of the rest.

  • Basic Skills:
    • Levels 2-3: Storm Strike
    • Level 4: Enhanced Storm Strike
    • Level 5: Fierce Storm Strike
  • Spirit Skills:
    • Levels 6-7: Pulverize
    • Level 8: Enhanced Pulverize
    • Level 9: Raging Pulverize
    • Level 10: Predatory Instinct
    • Level 11: Iron Fur
  • Defensive Skills:
    • Levels 12-13: Blood Howl
    • Level 14: Enhanced Blood Howl
    • Level 15: Preserving Blood Howl
  • Companion Skills:
    • Levels 16-17: Wolves
    • Level 18: Enhanced Wolves
    • Level 19: Call of the Wild
  • Wrath Skills:
    • Levels 20-21: Hurricane
    • Level 22: Enhanced Hurricane
    • Level 23: Natural Hurricane
  • Ultimate Skills:
    • Level 24: Defensive Posture
    • Level 25: Grizzly Rage

Best Necromancer Build

Necromancer is currently considered the most powerful class in Diablo 4, and this build leaves no corpse unturned. Spread your Blight, dealing damage to all enemies within the area of effect, the use Blood Mist to become immune. Follow that up with cursing everyone with Decrepify with a final Bone Storm, dealing 180% AoE damage.

  • Basic Skills:
    • Levels 2-6: Reap
    • Level 7: Acolyte Reap
  • Core Skills:
    • Levels 8-12: Blight
    • Level 13: Enhanced Blight
    • Level 14: Paranormal Blight
  • Macabre Skills:
    • Levels 15-19: Blood Mist
    • Level 20: Enhanced Blood Mist
    • Level 21: Dreadful Blood Mist
  • Corruption Skills:
    • Level 22: Decrepify
    • Level 23: Enhanced Decrepify
    • Level 24: Abhorrant Decrepify
  • Ultimate Skills:
    • Level 25: Bone Storm

Best Rogue Build

Rogues can do many things, but this build will focus on the bow. Use Barrage as your main AoE and increase your speed with Concealment. You can then boost your arrows with extra damage using various Poison Imbuements.

  • Basic Skills:
    • Levels 2-4: Forceful Arrow
    • Level 5: Enhanced Forceful Arrow
    • Level 6: Fundamental Forceful Arrow
  • Core Skills:
    • Levels 7-11: Barrage
    • Level 12: Enhanced Barrage
    • Level 13: Improved Barrage
  • Agility Skills:
    • Level 14: Dash
  • Subterfuge Skills:
    • Level 15: Concealment
    • Level 16: Enhanced Concealment
    • Level 17: Countering Concealment
  • Imbuements Skills:
    • Levels 18-22: Poison Imbuement
    • Level 23: Enhanced Poison Imbuement
    • Level 24: Blended Poison Imbuement
  • Ultimate Skills:
    • Level 25: Shadow Clone

Best Sorcerer Build

The Sorcerer has access to a number of elemental damage, including frost, fire, lightning, and crackling damage. This particular build focuses on fire damage using such skills like Fire Bolt and Fireball. You can also protect yourself with the Flame Shield, as well as summon a Hydra monster to assist you. Finally, you can burn everything down with Inferno and Inner Flame.

  • Basic Skills:
    • Level 2: Fire Bolt
    • Level 3: Enhanced Fire Bolt
    • Level 4: Flickering Fire Bolt
  • Core Skills:
    • Levels 5-9: Fireball
    • Level 10: Enhanced Fireball
    • Level 11: Destructive Fireball
  • Defensive Skills:
    • Level 12: Flame Shield
    • Level 13: Enhanced Flame Shield
    • Level 14: Shimmering Flame Shield
  • Conjuration Skills:
    • Level 15: Hydra
    • Level 16: Enhanced Hydra
    • Level 17: Summoned Hydra
  • Mastery Skills:
    • Levels 18-20: Meteor
    • Level 21: Enhanced Meteor
    • Levels 22-24: Inner Flames
  • Ultimate Skills:
    • Level 25: Inferno

Those are the best builds for every class in Diablo 4 beta, and be sure to check out more Diablo 4 tips and tricks articles right here.

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