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Best Chaos Magic Build in V Rising

Here's my best Chaos Magic build in V Rising and how to play it.

Chaos Magic is our resident school for blowing stuff up, as it has the most ranged burst damage and a powerful damage-over-time effect with Ignite. If you’re looking to turn your vampire into a moving artillery, look no further. Here’s my best chaos magic build in V Rising.

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Chaos Magic Build Guide in V Rising

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As in my Necromancer build, let’s first run through the outline of our PVE Chaos Magic build, and then I’ll talk about strategies and tips:

  • Veil: Veil of Chaos.
  • Spell: Aftershock or Chaos Volley (Fading Snare or Agonizing Flames jewel) + Void (Recharge Rate jewel)
  • Counter: With the right cooldown management, Void and the Chaos double dash will keep you pretty safe. If you really want to switch out one spell for a counter, take Ward of the Damned, which can spawn skeleton minions to aggro enemies while your CDs come back.
  • Ultimate: Chaos Barrage or Army of the Dead if you want additional defenses as skeletons tank for you.
  • Weapon: Ignite-focused Ancestral/Stygian Longbow and Reaper.
  • Trinket: Ignite-focused trinkets with Spell Cooldown Reduction or Spell Crit Chance.
  • Passives: Chaos Kindling, Hunger for Blood, Embrace Mayhem.
  • Blood Type: Scholar (Found in the church at Dunley’s Farmlands or, better yet, in the Silverlight Hills).
  • Armor: Maleficer Scholar Armour or anything with Spell Cooldown recovery.
  • Consumables: Enchanted Brew/Witch Potion and Any Healing Brews.

Chaos Magic Build Tips in V Rising

Combining the pull crowd-control effect of Void and the double Chaos dash will keep you away from enemies so you can blast them safely. This especially goes in co-op, where other players can draw aggro. Drop down both Voids and then focus on firing off Chaos Volleys or Aftershocks and Chaos Barrages whenever they’re off cooldown.

Once they’re on cooldown, try fully charging Longbow shots to pierce enemies and inflict as much Ignite as possible. If you don’t have an Ignite-focused Longbow, an Ignite-focused Reaper also works well since you can throw it and knock enemies away.

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All of this Ignite damage is powered by your jewels and your passive. You’ll deal incredible AOE damage but also respectable damage to V Blood enemies. If you’re playing solo and without much co-op, then I’d think about taking the Ward of the Damned and/or Army of the Dead to spawn some skeletons to tank for you as your CDs recharge.

The Ignite-focused Jewels and gear, along with the Spell Power/Spell Cooldown Reduction armor and trinkets I mentioned, will keep your DPS high. Just remember to look for high-quality Scholar blood in the Silverlight Hills area to the west. You can find Scholar blood earlier in the church in Dunley’s Farmlands, but there rarely are nuns or priests with 50% or above. If you see a high-quality Scholar, I’d recommend making it a priority to Dominate them and make them a prisoner for steady access to their blood. Dusk Caller stones crafted from Scourge Stones greatly aid in returning them to your castle safely.

That’s it for my guide on the best Chaos Magic build in V Rising. For more V Rising guides, check out my spell tier list.

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