Five Star Selector convene choice characters in Wuthering Waves
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Best Characters to Pick With Wuthering Waves 5 Star Selector

Not sure who to pick? Here's the best options!

Wuthering Waves allows you to switch out your characters as you please, but you’ll first need to collect them by through convenes. With each convene, you’ll get a random character, but you can get the best Wuthering Waves characters more easily, thanks to the 5-Star Selector. Here are the characters you’ll want to pick!

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Best 5 Star Selector Character Picks in Wuthering Waves

When you’re summoning a new character in convenes, there’s always a random chance of who you’ll end up with. This means the chances of you getting one of the 5-Star characters (especially the specific one you really want) can be pretty slim. However, after 80 convenes, you’ll get a guaranteed 5-star character of your choice with the Beginner’s Choice Convene.

All 5-Star characters are powerful in their own way. They also all play very differently. Since Wuthering Waves is more focused on skills and leveling, you can prioritize getting the character you like the most based on their look or their kit, etc. If you aren’t sure what characters you want to get, here are some choices I recommend:


five-star Verina convene character page in Wuthering Waves
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Verina is the current best choice for your free five-star selection, and that is entirely based on her kit. She’s a support character that focuses on healing and damage boost. She can teleport onto the field and grant the whole team damage buffs and heals, then dip out again in a flash. She also has a free revive you can use for challenging battles for her or other downed players. And, best of all, she’s super easy to figure out.


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If you want a more damage-based five-star, I suggest Calcharo. He uses electro abilities that can pull all the enemies in toward him and damage them all at once. Plus, he has a higher skill ceiling, so there’s plenty of room for growth with him. However, he is more difficult to use because of his combos. Pair him with Yinlin if you have her for the best team composition.


Lingyang and Jianxin five-star select character details
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If you somehow got lucky and have Calcharo or Verina already and must choose someone else, I would recommend either Jianxin or Lingyang.

Jianxin can be a DPS or Support character with her abilities, leaning more toward support for the end game. Her Chi barriers pull enemies in with AoE, making it easier for her or her team to defeat them.

Lingyang is a more damage-focused character. He is a hyper-carry character, meaning he will be on the field most of the time. He uses ice damage and combines it with his lion dance to quickly float around the field and efficiently wipe out enemies.

Unfortunately, the only character I wouldn’t recommend for your 5-star selection is Encore. Although she has some powerful skills and is a quick switch sub-damage, she doesn’t pair well with any other characters in the game right now and is more difficult to figure out overall.

Your top choices are Verdina or Calcharo. If you don’t already have either of the two, you should definitely prioritize them. However, if you do, your next best choices are Jianxin or Lingyang. We hope this helped you make your decision a bit easier.

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