Best Classes for WoW Hardcore

Wondering how to survive when character death is permanent? Use this list of best classes for WoW Classic Hardcore!

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Blizzard is bringing a new mode to WoW Classic, which might have you wondering about the best classes for WoW Hardcore, where you can’t be resurrected once you die. That’s right, perma-death is coming to select Classic servers, and that means that your class choice could be the difference between life and death. You’ll want a strong solo leveling character since the early game might be the biggest risk with a lack of gear and abilities.

Best Classes for WoW Classic Hardcore

  • Hardcore mode is only part of WoW Classic.
  • It’s limited to select servers.
  • If you die, you have no way to resurrect, but you can transfer to a new server that isn’t hardcore.

Usually, tier lists focus on endgame viability, but WoWHead has a listing for Classic that takes into account the overall usefulness of classes in group settings. However, I found the breakdown for each class used in that article to make good points about the strengths and weaknesses of each one beneath the tier list. Here are my recommendations based on that information and my thousands of hours with the game since launch in 2004.

Best Classes for WoW Classic Hardcore Breakdown


Mages, particularly Frost Mages, are OP in WoW Classic overall. The utility and ability to kill groups of mobs without taking damage makes them a prime choice for hardcore mode. You also have their farming power to get gold, which is a big bonus when you’re starting fresh on a new server.

The downside is that Mages are squishy and reliant on mana, so if you pull too much or end up in an unexpected fight when you’re low on mana, you’re at risk of dying.


Hunters, like Mages, are amazing levelers, and that gives them an advantage in WoW Classic Hardcore. Between pets and Feign Death, hunters have a lot of survivability alongside their ability to pump out consistent damage. Like Mages, they have the downside of limited healing and protection abilities. However, you’ll be sturdier as a Hunter compared to your cloth-wearing friends.


Warlocks are another strong choice, as they have both damage and utility that helps keep you alive longer, such as the Voidwalker’s ability to sacrifice itself to save you. You’ll run into some of the same issues that Mages and Hunters face, however, so you’ll want to be careful if you pull too much at once or if you’re low on mana and end up in an unexpected fight.

Priest and Warrior Combination

If you want to level as a pair, then Priest and Warrior will be a strong combination. Warriors are strong, but leveling them in Classic can be rough. But if you pair with a Priest, then you have the healing and damage to help while you tank the mobs as a deadly duo. I love playing casters, so this set-up is my preference.

As of right now, these seem like they’ll be the best classes for WoW Classic Hardcore, but you should be able to find a way to play any class you enjoy if none of these match your style. While waiting for hardcore to be added after Blizzard Entertainment tests it in the PTR, check out more of our WoW guides, like how spirit works, a stat that will once again be coveted, especially in hardcore.

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