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10 Best Jobs to Have in BitLife

Build the most profitable and respectable career using our guide of the best jobs to have in BitLife.

There are over 200 job and career possibilities in BitLife. Most of these don’t offer much in terms of story or extra gameplay, but some are extremely profitable and offer plenty of power and respect. If you want to make the most of your career, follow our guide for the 10 best jobs in BitLife, including tips on how to get them.

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BitLife: 10 Best Jobs to Have


Kings or queens, emperors or empresses — all these careers provide access to incredible riches, as well as power and respect. When born or married into a royal family, you can mingle with the stars, ban or support new laws, cause order or chaos, and even choose how you wish to be addressed.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to marry into a royal family, as that’s almost impossible for a mere commoner. But you could be born into one through the “God Mode” feature. Once you’ve purchased it, you’ll see the “Tiers of Royalty” submenu, where you can choose the country in which you wish to be born. After that, you’ll be assigned your personal royal salary, which accounts for tens of millions of dollars — and your personal mansion.

Corporate President (CEO)

If you decide to climb the career ladder without God Mode, then becoming the CEO of a company would be the next best choice to Royalty. It will take a long time to get this job, so start at a young age with high-born intelligence. Also, make sure that you’re born in a rich country, such as the USA or UK. After that, enter a university to study Finance, then enroll in Business School.

Once you have the required occupation, you can apply for a Junior Level Corporate Sector Job. It will take about 15 years of experience before you can apply to be an Assistant Vice President of your corporation. The full career chain before you reach the status of CEO looks like this:

  • Assistant Vice President
  • Vice President
  • First Vice President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Managing Director
  • CEO

Government President

Becoming a head of state is another fantastic occupation opportunity and one of the best job’s in BitLife. First, you must have Bitizenship, be born in a democratic country, and study well at school. Then, enroll in a university to study Political Science, English, or History. If you go to Law School or Business School after graduating university, it significantly increases your chances of becoming a President.

Then, you can become a Lawyer and get elected as the Mayor of your town. Once you reach age 35, you can finally apply for the Presidential Campaign. I’d suggest carefully monitoring your Approval Rating gauge and improving it regularly via Social Media or by writing books.


If you’re seeking fame and fortune on the Silver Screen, becoming an actor or actress is one of Bitlife‘s best jobs. You’ll need to have high beauty levels and be smart to be eligible for this profession. Start your career with the Voiceover Actor (Film Studio) option in the job listings category, which will eventually promote you to a lead acting job.

But if you want to become super rich and famous, use Social Media to fill your fame gauge. You can be really creative here, and once you get super famous, your wallet will get thicker and thicker.

Chief Justice

The best Municipal career path in BitLife is Chief Justice. Judges get paid as much as CEOs, and you get to decide whether to put people in jail or not. You’ll also need to go through an elaborate education and career path to land this job. Here’s how it looks:

  1. Finish high school and go to Law School.
  2. Apply for Magistrate and work for 30 years.
  3. Get promoted to Magistrate Court Judge.
  4. Get promoted to District Court Judge.
  5. After landing the Associate Chief Justice job, apply for Chief Justice.


Sports is another great way to make loads of money in BitLife. To start, you’ll need to choose what kind of sportsball you wish to pursue as a career. I recommend pursuing the following, in order: Baseball, Football, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, and Soccer.

Start visiting the gym regularly in high school and join a school team in the chosen sport. If you decide to enter university, be sure to get the captain’s position on the university team. When you’re an adult, develop your strength, balance, cardio, and flexibility. All this will increase your Greatness level and eventually allow you to become a professional athlete, earning lots of money.


There are several possibilities for players with medical knowledge, including physician, nurse, doctor, and surgeon. The most profitable of them all is the Brain Surgeon.

To make it in this career, focus on studying during high school and university to graduate with a major in Biology. Then enroll in a Medical School and maintain a high level of smarts throughout. After graduating, search for the Brain Surgeon job in the Occupations list.


Taking on the career of a fashion model requires a whole different set of qualities than many of the previously listed jobs. Here, the Looks stat plays the most significant role, which must be at least 90%. The typical career path of a supermodel looks like this:

  1. Choose Female at birth with a high level of Looks.
  2. After graduating high school, make money by becoming a Dancer.
  3. Use your money to further improve your Looks with Plastic Surgeries.
  4. Develop your modeling career in the following sequence:
    • Foot Model
    • Hand Model
    • Catalog Model
    • Lingerie Model
    • Runway Model
    • Supermodel

Internal Auditor

The next best corporate career after the CEO is the Internal Auditor. The path to becoming an Internal Auditor in BitLife starts in the same fashion as that of the CEO, but there’s one distinct difference at one point in your development.

Once you finish high school, I strongly recommend enrolling in a Secondary Upper School instead of a Business School. After graduating, you can enroll in a university to study Internal Audit instead of Finance. You’ll start your career as a Junior Internal Auditor, and eventually become a Senior Internal Auditor with a salary of over $1,000,000.

Law Firm Partner

The Law Firm sector is the last area of business on our best Bitlife jobs list. It can be just as profitable as being the Chief of Justice, but only if you become the Law Firm Partner. This career path is also quite complicated:

  1. After graduating high school, enroll in Community College.
  2. Start your career with these jobs to make money for your next bit of education:
    • Legal Secretary
    • Legal Records Manager
    • Paralegal
  3. After Community College, graduate from Law School.
  4. Develop your career in the following sequence:
    • Law Clerk
    • Junior Associate
    • Associate
    • Junior Partner
    • Partner

Those are the best jobs to have in BitLife. Stay tuned for more BitLife tips and tricks articles right here.

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