Limited-time URF mode is finally live on League of Legends! Check out some of the best champions to play in URF to help your team succeed.

Best League of Legends Champions for URF Mode

Limited-time URF mode is finally live on League of Legends! Check out some of the best champions to play in URF to help your team succeed.
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What started out as a hilarious April Fool's joke turned into Riot Games re-releasing one of player's favorite limited time modes: Ultra Rapid Fire. On March 30th, the game company released the idea of "New Ultra Rapid Fire" which featured extremely slow gameplay to allow players to "truly enhance their strategies..."

Luckily for most, come April 1st, Ultra Rapid Fire was released instead! Featuring extremely fast gameplay with virtually no cooldowns or mana requirements, Ultra Rapid Fire allows players to play their favorite champions to the fullest of their abilities. Those who play this fun mode have been known to complain about finger fatigue.

This year, League of Legends released Ultra Rapid Fire with a fun mascot: Urf the Manatee! A playful twist on the standard mascot, players can even purchase merchandise featuring this fun, aquatic creature.

Ready to play URF? While URF allows you to pick up almost every champion and dive straight into the action, many players find that they have favorite URF mode champions. The no-cooldown approach tends to lend itself well to particular characters - and who doesn't want to have a blast while playing this limited-time mode? Here are some of the best League of League champions to play in URF mode.

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Karthus: If you stop and think about it, Karthus as a fantastic URF champion makes sense. Players can spam his AP abilities, and his ultimate, Requiem, targets the entire enemy team at once.

Not only that, but keeping his Defile ability on active makes it different for enemy champions to survive in teamfights when positioned next to Karthus. Plus, who doesn't have fun placing Karthus' Lay Waste ground ability - especially when there isn't much of a cooldown?

Sona: For those looking for a powerful champion in URF mode, Sona should be your next choice. With constant use of her healing Aria of Perseverance, it can be hard to kill any champions who are supported by this songstress.

With the reduced cooldown on her ultimate Crescendo ability, she also offers fantastic crowd control for team fights.

Ezreal: It may come as no surprise that this AP champion makes it onto this list. When built as AP, Ezreal has a lot of ranged attacks that allow him to damage the enemy champions without having to throw himself into the midst of battle.

With a minimal cooldown on Arcane Shift, he's also able to easily escape tricky situations by teleporting to a nearby location.

Evelynn: You wouldn't think it, but Evelynn makes it out as one of the most talked-about URF mode champions. While most people wouldn't assume she'd be a powerhouse at first glance, her stealthy Shadow Walk allows her to get near enemy champions while the rest of her abilities offer powerful attacks that takedown enemy champions before they have much time to react.

Tryndamere: Ready to taunt the enemy team with a hard-to-kill champion? If so, it's time to bring out AP Tryndamere. His abilities allow him enhanced staying power in battles while Undying Rage makes it hard for the other team to take him down.

With virtually no cooldown on his Spinning Slash, he can easily close gaps and chase down enemy champions.

Bard: One of the newest champions to League of Legends, many people might be pulling out the Bard while testing URF mode. Luckily for them, the Bard does well!

While his high mana costs keep him in check during standard games, the reduced mana consumption in URF makes him an absolute powerhouse (and very fun to play!).

Jayce: If the idea of getting to go nuts with Jayce's AP abilities sounds awesome to you, URF is the time to try it. While Jayce lacks an escape in case of emergencies, he makes up for it by having an enjoyable kit of abilities that lend themselves well to URF.

Ryze: If you've ever played Ryze and cursed how long his cooldowns were, you're going to love URF mode. His Arcane Mastery passive already kept his cooldowns as short as possible, but URF makes them virtually non-existent.

Rune Prison will cage your enemies while the rest of Ryze's bursts will take out enemy champions before they have a chance to escape.

Shen: Tip-toe away from the standard AP burst champions with Shen. Super-low cooldowns partnered with constant Taunts makes Shen a great addition to the team.

Play full-AP Shen or go with an average build, but make sure you use his ultimate, Stand United, to throw him into the team fights whenever possible.

Malzahar: Most people might build Malzahar as an AP champion on URF, but he can play a mean game built with pure AD. His army of voidlings partnered with a suppression via his ultimate, Nether Grasp, will keep even the strongest champion at his mercy.

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