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Best Loadouts for The Final Shape Campaign in Destiny 2

The right loadout will make the Destiny 2: The Final Shape Legendary campaign a much easier task.

The Final Shape story campaign in Destiny 2 is tougher and longer than most of its predecessors, with higher enemy density, more mechanics to manage, and rapid-fire encounter pacing. Having the right loadout to go into the campaign, especially on Legendary difficulty, will make the experience easier, more comfortable, and most importantly, more fun.

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The Best Loadouts to Complete The Final Shape Legendary Campaign on Destiny 2

While I could easily list any set of previous meta loadouts, part of the fun of The Final Shape campaign is its insistence on you using the new Prismatic subclass. “Insistence,” in this case, is in the enemies you can’t damage without the Subclass’s Transcendence state active. And because you aren’t going to have Prismatic fully unlocked for most of the campaign, your best loadout needs to accommodate a much more limited set of abilities than in normal, post-story gameplay.

Note: We’ll be adding additional loadouts for other classes as we complete the Legendary campaign on characters other than Warlock.

The Best Warlock Loadouts to Complete The Final Shape

I tested multiple loadouts during my playthrough of The Final Shape Legendary-difficulty campaign, and two rose almost immediately to the top. I apologize that you’ll need to do some endgame/other DLC activities to get most of the weapons and Exotic armors in these setups, but you need at least some top-tier gear to have an easy time in high-difficulty content, so I don’t feel too bad about these suggestions.

The Final Shape Warlock Campaign Loadout 1: Gjallarhorn DPS and Osmiomancy Crowd Control

A Gjallarhorn loadout for Destiny 2: The Final Shape campaign
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  • Primary: Solid Hand Cannon like Zaoli’s Bane, Midnight Coup, etc.
  • Special: Deliverance or Riptide Fusion Rifle with Chill Clip.
  • Heavy: Gjallarhorn.
  • Exotic: Osmiomancy.

This loadout was the first one I settled on, as the early Prismatic Aspects and Fragments for Warlock focus on Stasis and Void, and I wanted to try out the new Stasis upgrades. Playing the build is fairly simple: use Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets alongside the Bleak Watcher Aspect to place two Stasis turrets where they can slow and freeze every enemy in the arena.

Combine the turrets with the Deliverance (or Riptide) Fusion Rifle equipped with Chill Clip to keep the Stasis slow and freeze rolling, plus a Hand Cannon or other elemental Primary of your choice. In most situations, combining these few abilities and gea pieces was more than enough to deal with almost any encounter, but the Heavy weapon was the real winner.

Having Gjallarhorn to clear out as many adds as I could hit with the rocket and act as a Light Prismatic battery was almost too good to be true. Not only is Gjallarhorn just a fantastic weapon in almost every situation while powering Prismatic, but it didn’t take much additional buildcrafting on my part to make it fit into the armor mod setups I was already using.

This loadout’s ease of use is incredibly powerful early on in The Final Shape’s Legendary campaign, as your Prismatic build options are limited, and you’ll need to rely more on your previously acquired weapons and armor than Prismatic itself. In my case, at least, it did exactly that and more, and it wasn’t until later in the campaign I needed to adjust.

An Outbreak Perfected Warlock loadout in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
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The Final Shape Warlock Campaign Loadout 2: Outbreak Perfected with Hammerhead Add Clear

  • Primary: Outbreak Perfected.
  • Special: Your choice, but Fusion Rifles are nice.
  • Heavy: Hammerhead, Commemoration, etc.
  • Exotic: Whatever works for your build. I chose The Stag.

I’ve made no bones about my love of Outbreak Perfected, and for the middle and later portions of The Final Shape Legendary campaign, it was a safe, easy, and effective DPS option. Sure, it’s not as flashy or as technically efficient as Gjallarhorn, but many of the encounters later on in the story take place in closer quarters or have more up-close sections, making a rocket launcher a poor choice of heavy weapon.

Adding Hammerhead, or any top-tier Machine Gun, in the Heavy slot gives you a potent add clear and shield-breaking tool that can function as a primary DPS in its own right, should you need it to. I chose Hammerhead because it was the first weapon I had to hand, but it turned out to be a good choice, as a lot of the late-campaign enemies were Taken with Void shields, giving Hammerhead just that bit more edge. You can go with any LMG and do fine, especially Thunderlord for the massive add clear potential from the lightning strikes.

Your Special weapon can be whatever you enjoy using most, but I went with the Loaded Question Fusion Rifle for the Void synergy and guaranteed Reservoir Burst perk. However, a good Sniper Rifle makes most of the Tormentor fights a breeze, or you could bring a wave-frame Grenade Launcher for even more crowd control. Whatever you feel is worthwhile, though I think a good Fusion is hard to beat these days.

And those were the two Warlock loadouts that worked best for me during The Final Shape Legendary campaign. Give them a try, and I promise they’ll work wonders for you. For more on the DLC, check out our Destiny 2 guides hub.

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