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CoD MW3 character sitiing in the cover with a marksman rifle in hands
Image via Activision

10 Best Marksman Rifles in MW3 Ranked

Improve your build with our list of the 10 best marksman rifles in CoD: Modern Warfare 3.

There’s a number of new and returning marksman rifles in CoD: Modern Warfare 3, designed specifically for long-range accuracy and target engagement. Our guide will provide you with a list of the 10 best marksman rifles in MW3.

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CoD MW3: Top 10 Best Marksman Rifles Ranked

Lockwood MK2

Lockwood MK2 marksman rifle on a white background
Image via Activision

Lockwood MK2 is a returning weapon that still retains its ability to one-shot an enemy. But because the overall HP pool has been increased in MW3, I do recommend aiming at the upper torso, neck, or head if you want to guarantee an insta-kill of your opponents. Another great feature of the Lockwood MK2 is its light weight, which allows you to be highly mobile and precise. It also has a decent rate of fire, allowing you to engage in midrange combat really effectively.

SP-R 208

SPR 208 marksman rifle on a white background
Image via Activision

The SP-R 208 carries similar characteristics to the Lockwood MK2, which makes it an excellent alternative for a powerful and accurate marksman rifle. Many MW3 players also use it as an alternative to actual sniper rifles due to its precise aim, high bullet velocity, and light weight. If high mobility is more important to you, then the SP-R 208 would be an even better choice, as it also allows you to engage in close-range combat.

MTZ Interceptor

MTZ Interceptor marksman rifle on a white background
Image via Activision

Both rifles listed above are returning models from Modern Warfare 2, but the MTZ Interceptor is a brand-new model that’s been introduced only in MW3. It’s a semi-automatic rifle with a high-powered 7.62 rifle chamber that can take out both zombies and mercenaries with a single, precise shot. I find that it’s best used for grinding the camo challenges due to its high base damage and low recoil.

KVD Enforcer

KVD Enforcer marksman rifle on a white background
Image via Activision

This is another brand-new model that’s similar in design to the MTZ Interceptor. The main difference between the two is that the KVD Enforcer has much better recoil control but slightly less damage than the MTZ Interceptor. I’d say that the KVD Enforcer is the best midrange rifle in the game, providing fast damage and high mobility. While the MTZ Interceptor is more useful for long-range engagements with its powerful shots.


DM 56 marksman rifle on a white background
Image via Activision

If you’re looking for a more versatile alternative to sniper rifles in MW3, then check out the DM56 model. It’s interesting to note that the DM56 has a faster rate of fire and much smoother handling than the KVD Enforcer, which is often used for fast follow-up shots as well as run-and-gun tactics. That’s why I recommend using DM56 on larger maps, such as Ground War or Invasion.

EBR 14

EBR 14 marksman rifle on a white background
Image via Activision

If we put the above-mentioned rifles on a tier list, they’d be in S and A-tier. While EBR 14 is a cool weapon, I personally would place it in the B-tier. Although it has excellent follow-up shot accuracy and control, it has a lower damage and rate of fire than many other marksman rifles. But there’s one class build where it may truly excel, and that’s stealth. With the right attachments, you can really turn this rifle into a secret weapon.


TAQ-M marksman rifle on a white background
Image via Activision

TAQ-M can be a solid choice for experienced players and a real challenge for beginners. You must have a really good aim to be able to wield this rifle effectively, or you could find yourself completely obliterated, especially in close quarters. Since this is a bolt-action rifle, it has a slower rate of fire than other rifles on our list, but high damage totally compensates for the slow speed of shooting.

SA-B 50

SA-B 50 marksman rifle on a white background
Image via Activision

The SA-B 50 model has basically the same drawbacks as both the EBR 14 and TAQ-M, but if you need a rifle for run-and-gun build with fast aim-down sights (ADS), then it’s probably the better choice than any of the other two options. Of course, its efficiency depends on the loadout, but I’d say that it definitely requires a stronger rear grip and a longer barrel to keep the recoil down and increase the range.

Tempus Torrent

Tempus Torrent marksman rifle on a white background
Image via Activision

The Tempus Torrent is a designated marksman rifle that’s been modified from an M4 rifle with a 7.62 barrel to provide long-range shooting with higher accuracy. While only a handful of marksman rifles can one-shot enemies, Tempus Torrent can guarantee a kill in no more than two shots. Of course, if you have good optics, then a headshot will insta-kill an enemy.


LM-S marksman rifle on a white background
Image via Activision

Of all the returning marksman rifles from Modern Warfare 2, the LM-S model has the highest rate of fire. Unfortunately, everything else pales in comparison to the other rifles on our list, including damage and range. But you can always improve some of its stats with attachments if you like a fast-shooting rifle.

That’s it for our list of the 10 best marksman rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Stay tuned for more CoD MW3 tips and tricks articles, including how to complete Bad Signal and how to use the Locked Diary.

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