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10 Best My Time at Sandrock Mods

All the mods you need in My Time at Sandrock in one place.

My Time at Sandrock has plenty of features to keep you busy, but a big sticking point is the game’s lack of quality-of-life mechanics. However, modders have answered the call, and we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best My Time at Sandrock mods to improve your experience. 

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10 Best My Time at Sandrock Mods 


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One of the biggest issues I’ve had while playing My Time at Sandrock is that I always run out of stamina way too fast. If you want to mine or chop wood for resources (which you do), all of those activities use up what little stamia you start with. The only way to refill it is through meals that are hard to make and hardly fill it up. The Regeneration Mod by Aedenthorn (from whom you’ll be hearing a lot in this list) will gradually regenerate your stamina and health. It’s a must-have mod.

Unlimited Orders

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I’m the player who likes to collect multiple side quests at once so I can get them done simultaneously. Yes, I’m a side quest hoarder. However, in My Time at Sandrock, you can only take one order from the Commerce Guild at a time. The Unlimited Orders Mod by Aedenthorn will let you take as many orders as you want, letting you multitask and earn Gol more efficiently.

Map Teleport

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Most open-world games have a fast-travel feature that (mostly) keeps you from running back and forth to complete tasks. Although it might be more immersive to trek around town, to the mines, and back again, you’ll be wasting a lot of precious time that could be better spent elsewhere. The Map Teleport mod from Aedenthorn allows you to fast-travel almost anywhere, though the modder says you can’t travel directly to an indoor location, which makes sense.

Movement Speed

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Don’t our characters run slow in My Time at Sandrock? While you can fast-travel with the above mod, you may not want to. Instead, you may want a more authentic experience, just with slightly better speed. That’s where Aedenthorn’s Movement Speed mod comes into play, increasing your character’s walking and running speed.

Free Love

My Time at Sandrock has plenty of romance options for you. However, the problem is that there are too many! Who do you try to swoon and sweep off their feet? Why not everyone? The Free Love mod removes the jealousy mechanic and allows you to romance multiple characters at once. 

Gifts Mod 

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If you’re going to be romancing multiple characters or want to get into a relationship with someone faster, you’ll want to have the Gifts mod by OGMods0. In the base game, you have to figure out what each character likes and dislikes to give them the perfect gift. This mod reveals what each character likes and how many Relationship Points you’ll gain with each item. 

Production Speed

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If you’re like me, then you’re impatient and want to get things done fast. We don’t have time to wait around for resources to finish producing. Luckily, the Production Speed mod increases the production speed of your machines, letting make items faster — or get junk faster. Whatever RNG decides.

Unlocked Doors

I’ve often found myself working late in the night trying to finish a project before the day ends. However, sometimes I need to go buy an item from a store, only to find that it’s closed. The Unlocked Doors mod keeps shops open all day long. You can also enter characters’ houses even if you don’t have a high relationship score with them. 

No Sleep

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One of the most annoying parts of the game that has no real effect is waking up with black eyes after staying up all night (in the game, not real life. Definitely not real life). If you’re out mining until 3 a.m., you’ll pass out and wake up with dark circles around your eyes. The No Sleep mod (like the podcast) lets you stay awake past 3 a.m. and have your stamina and health restored at 7 a.m.

Max Stacks

Do you find yourself running out of space with all the materials you’ve been collecting? I sure have. If you don’t want to keep spending money on expanding your inventory or using resources to build more chests, look no further. The Max Stacks mod by Aedenthorn lets you stack any item up to 999. 

Those are the 10 best My Time at Sandrock mods. If you’re looking for more tips and guides, check out our dedicated hub.  

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