XDefiant's Phantoms faction
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Best Phantoms Loadout in XDefiant

Play the objective like a pro with the best Phantoms loadout in XDefiant.

Choosing the Phantoms faction in XDefiant comes with some responsibility, as this is the only faction that offers players protection when capturing or pushing an objective. Being in the frontline requires players to be fast at acquiring targets and aware of flanks and sneaky pushes from the enemy team. If you keep letting your team down and are looking for the best Phantoms loadout in XDefiant, you have come to the right place.

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XDefiant: The Best Phantoms Loadout

The Phantoms faction is perfect for players who like to play the objective. Phantoms can deploy the Mag Barrier or the Blitz Shield while pushing toward the enemy team. Without Phantoms, pressing and holding objectives would be a nightmare in XDefiant, so get ready to excel and equip the best Phantom loadout in XDefiant:


  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Sight: Reflex
  • Barrel: Chrome-Lined Barrel
  • Front Rail: Angled Grip
  • Stock: Precision Stock
MDR build for the best phantom loadout in XDefiant
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The MDR is an assault rifle with a key feature that makes it effective at medium to close ranges. It has an RPM of 765, something a lot higher than most assault rifles. The high fire rate gives it an advantage against players who like running SMGs at close quarters. Being a Phantom means playing the objective, so fighting at close ranges is nothing out of the ordinary, and having that high fire rate will be helpful when going against other players.

Magazine: I recommend going with the Quick Mag. The MDR comes with 30 rounds by default, and this magazine option will increase it to 35 while increasing the weapon’s reload speed. By default, the MDR reloads in 2.1 seconds, and after equipping the Quick Mag, this goes down to 1.8 seconds.

Sight: The MDR’s iron sights are not the best in its category, so investing in a reflex sight is one of the smartest choices players can make. The Reflex sight offers a clear point of view, perfect for tracking and acquiring new targets.

Barrel: I recommend using the Chrome-Lined barrel. This barrel improves the MDR’s damage range at the expense of some mobility. Improving the MDR’s medium and short range by +20% will help you stay competitive against players using assault rifles with more range than you. This attachment comes with a price, as it applies you a -5% movement and a -15% ADS speed.

Front Rail: I encourage you to use the Angled Grip. This grip will give the MDR +15% ADS stability and +5% horizontal recoil control, improving the weapon’s recoil at the expense of -5% movement speed. Hitting enemies at medium ranges requires decent recoil control, so adding the Angled Grip to the MDR is mandatory if you can’t handle it.

Stock: To enhance the MDR’s recoil control, you’ll equip the Precision Stock. This stock applies a +5% horizontal and vertical recoil control in exchange for -15% recoil recovery and -10% ADS speed. With this attachment, the recoil control improvements should be enough to make the MDR deadly at close to medium ranges.

As you may have noticed, I focused this build on getting the best recoil control possible. If you feel like the weapon is too slow, feel free to change any attachments.

The Best Secondary for the Phantoms Faction in XDefiant

The 93R is one of the best secondaries in the game, so you must equip it if you want to be as effective as possible when your MDR runs out of ammo. Make sure you equip the following attachments: Fabric Grip, Quick Mag, Reflex Sight, and Barrel Extender. For devices, I recommend using the Frag or the EMP grenade. Both devices are great for game modes like Escort or Ocuppy.

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