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How to Farm Neurodes in Warframe

Here's everything you need to know about farming Neurodes in Warframe.

Neurodes are some of the most important and rare components in Warframe. They’re used in crafting Forma, Zephyr Prime Systems, Orokin Reactors, various cosmetics, and other items. Neurodes can be purchased and crafted using a permanent blueprint, but the best way to get them is to simply farm them on various planets. Our guide will show you the best places for farming Neurodes in Warframe, as well as provide you with tips on the best farming methods.

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Best Setup for Farming Neurodes

According to our analysis, there are a number of missions that provide the highest chance of dropping Neurodes from caches and enemies. But we strongly recommend that you use the following warframe and weapons, which could easily double the quantity of dropped Neurodes:

  • Nekros + Despoil Augment Mod
  • Tigris Prime
  • Slash Pistol
  • Atterax

Best Locations for Farming Neurodes

With the setup above, you can use the Nekros Desecrate ability to increase the amount of loot dropped by enemies. Here are some of the best farming locations in Warframe:

  • Magnacidium, Deimos
  • E-Prime, Earth
  • Mariana, Earth
  • Zabala, Eris
  • Plato, Lua
  • Apollo, Lua
  • Tycho, Lua

Best Caches

We also recommend checking caches during the following missions, because they have a high chance of dropping Neurodes:

  • Marduk, Void: Tier 4 Void Sabotage Resource Caches
  • Stribog, Void: Tier 2 Void Sabotage Resource Caches
  • Naeglar, Eris: Hive Sabotage Resource Caches
  • Formido, Deimos: Orokin Derelict Resource Caches
  • Carpo, Jupiter: Jupiter Exterminate Resource Caches
  • Ishtar, Venus: Tier 1 Reactor Sabotage
  • Terminus, Mercury: Tier 1 Reactor Sabotage
  • Gradivus, Mars: Tier 1 Reactor Sabotage
  • Ker, Ceres: Tier 2 Reactor Sabotage
  • Thon, Ceres: Tier 2 Reactor Sabotage
  • Adrastea, Jupiter: Tier 2 Reactor Sabotage
  • Calypso, Saturn: Tier 2 Reactor Sabotage
  • Cervantes, Earth: Earth Sabotage Resource Caches
  • Rusalka, Sedna: Tier 3 Reactor Sabotage
  • Cypress, Pluto: Tier 3 Reactor Sabotage
  • Orb Vallis/Fortuna, Venus: Fortuna Bounty Level 40-60 Stage 1 
  • Orb Vallis/Fortuna, Venus: Steel Path Fortuna Bounty Level 100-100 Stage 1 
  • Plato, Lua: Lua Exterminate Resource Caches
  • Dakata, Kuva Fortress: Kuva Fortress Exterminate Resource Caches

Enemies That Drop Neurodes

Each cache listed above will contain at least one instance of Neurodes, but if you defeat certain enemies with the Nekros setup listed above, then you’ll be able to get an extra 2 Neurodes for a total of 3 Neurodes per run. Here’s the list of enemies that have the highest chance of dropping Neurodes:

  • Vem Tabook: Darvo’s Weekly Mission
  • Leekter: Darvo’s Weekly Mission
  • Shik Tal: Darvo’s Weekly Mission
  • Kuva Larvling: The War Within Quest
  • Saturn Six Fugitive: Nightwave Series 1
  • Zealot Baptizer: Nightwave Series 2
  • Zealot Herald: Nightwave Series 2
  • Zealot Proselytizer: Nightwave Series 2

General Tips and Tricks

Knowing the locations may not be enough to get the most Neurodes in Warframe, so here are some extra tips on how to get as many as possible:

  • Beginners that can’t afford the Nekros set-up just yet should start on Earth and look out for Neuroptic Masses that contain Neurodes instead of trying to kill enemies.
  • Once you have enough resources for the Nekros setup, head over to Dark Sector excavation mission “Tikal,” which grants at least 4 Neurodes in mere 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Then, focus on Tycho or Plato on Lua, and start killing Sentient Fighters that tend to spawn every 10 minutes, dropping at least 2 Neurodes. But be sure to bring assistance, as they can be tough in solo, even for Nekros.
  • In the endgame, the best way to get Neurodes is to complete the Orokin Derelict assassinate mission, which pits you against a multi-headed boss, where each head drops one instance of Neurodes for a total of 4 Neurodes if you manage to beat it.
  • If this boss turns out too tough for you, then you can start the Lephantis assassinate mission instead, which is much easier than Orokin Derelict, but this one yields only 2 Neurodes per run.

Lastly, you may find that you can’t farm Neurodes. If so, we strongly recommend purchasing them for 10 Platinum each. You can also purchase a permanent blueprint through the in-game Market for manufacturing Neurodes, but this blueprint will cost you 100 Platinum. The crafting recipe for each instance of Neurodes requires the following components:

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 50,000 Alloy Plates
  • 50,000 Nano Spores
  • 25,000 Salvage Metals

That’s everything you need to know about the best places to farm Neurodes in Warframe. For more, head over to our Warframe guides hub.

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